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On the “Download” page, click on “Install MetaMask on Chrome”.

After you’ve installed MetaMask on Chrome, you’ll land on the “New to MetaMask?” page.

On the “New to MetaMask?” page, you’ll see a couple of options.

This includes “Import wallet” and “Create a Wallet”.

If you already have a Secret Recovery Phrase, click on “Import wallet” to import your wallet.

However, if this is your first time using MetaMask, click on “Create a Wallet” to create a new wallet.

In the wallet creation process, you’ll be given a recovery phrase.

Make sure to copy and save the recovery phrase somewhere safe.

This is because you need the recovery phrase to access your MetaMask wallet in the future.

Lastly, you need to verify your recovery phrase to complete the wallet creation process.


BEP20 tokens or you will lose all your tokens. In case you end up withdrawing them as BEP2 tokens, you won’t lose your coins but they will not have the desired functionality. For instance, if you use them on dApps, they will not function as they don’t possess that functionality.

Reminder:Don’t forget to configure MetaMask to run with BSC before transferring any BNB to it. If you forget to do so, you’ll lose your tokens as MetaMask is only calibrated for Ethereum assets.

The Bottom Line

MetaMask has been a well-known wallet for Ethereum, but now you’ve seen how to also add BNB to MetaMask for swapping and exchanging tokens.

Add Binance Smart Chain To MetaMask FAQs

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Finally, on December 16, Anyswap decided to rename the brand to Multichain.

As per the press release, Multichain provides cross-chain infrastructure for 25 mainstream public blockchains including Ethereum [ETH], Fantom [FTM], Binance Smart Chain [BSC], Avalanche [AVAX], Moonriver [MOVR], Arbitrum, Polygon [MATIC], and Harmony [ONE]. Besides the Total Value Locked [TVL] on the cross-chain protocol is over 300k, nearly $5 billion, with over 1,000 crypto assets circulating among different mainnets. Speaking on the latest announcement Zhaojun, the Co-founder of Multichain.

“Multichain now is the cross-chain infrastructure that connects more public blockchains and crypto-assets than anyone else, with lower transaction fees, shorter bridging time, and higher security levels.

Binance Smart Chain-

  • Either use the Binance Chain Wallet or MetaMask
  • Or use the Binance platform (heads up: storing large amounts of crypto is not recommended)

What Are the Benefits of Linking Metamask and Binance Smart Chain?

There are multiple reasons to connect MetaMask to BSC, here are some-

  • On linking the two platforms, you enable yourself the possibility to access, explore and use all DApps on BSC
  • Transferring ETH, BNB among other currencies to the Metamask wallet becomes easier and smoother
  • MetaMask is one of the safest wallets with protected user data allows which enhances the control of assets

Is Connecting MetaMask to BSC Safe?

You’ve gone and finished the whole setup of connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain.

This will open the “My Accounts” navigation menu.

On the navigation menu, you’ll see several options including “Create Account”, “Import Account”, and more.

Click on the “Settings” option at the bottom of the menu.

After you’ve clicked on the “Settings” option, you’ll land on the “General Settings” page.

On the left sidebar, you’ll see multiple options.

This includes “General”, “Advanced”, “Contacts”, and more.

Click on “Networks” to open your Network Settings.

On your Network Settings, you’ll see a few networks that you can configure.

This includes “Ethereum Mainnet”, “Rapsten Test Network”, “Rinkeby Test Network”, and others.

There isn’t a Binance network, so you’ll have to manually add it.

To do so, click on the “Add Network” button on the top navigation bar.


Smart Chain” option and select “Ethereum Mainnet”.

Step 4: Funding Your Wallet

Now that we’ve learned how to add Binance smart chain to MetaMask, it’s time to make transactions using the Metamask wallet.

  • Get the contract address of the token and copy it.
  • Once you click on the address, you’ll automatically be redirected to the BSCScan page and copy the contact address there.
  • Once again open MetaMask and click on “Add Token”
  • Paste the copied contract address in your MetaMask and select “Next”
  • Complete the process by selecting “Add Token” How To Add Binance Smart Chain To MetaMas

To answer in one line: No, you don’t need a Binance chain wallet to be able to add Binance smart chain to MetaMask.

July 2020 as AnySwap, the company provided a cross-chain decentralized exchange service for blockchain assets. The team then grew that groundwork into an interconnection protocol for multiple blockchain networks that allows for the exchange of value, data and control between them. Today its protocol is a robust, fast and secure for these networks to interoperate in a universal way.

“Multichain now is the cross-chain infrastructure that connects more public blockchains and crypto-assets than anyone else, with lower transaction fees, shorter bridging time and higher security levels,” said Zhaojun, the co-founder and chief executive of Multichain, who appears to go by only a single name.

As of today, the company provides interconnect for 25 mainstream public blockchains, including Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Moonriver, Arbitrum, Polygon and Harmony.

In recent years, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has amassed a loyal audience due to the fact that it is a commendable alternative to the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain enthusiasts are always looking for an Ethereum alternative because the way it is modeled has led to steep rises in the gas price—a fee, or pricing value, required to successfully carry out a transaction or execute a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

The volatile nature of gas might be pulling people away from Ethereum but it is still one of the most popular blockchains, especially with regard to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Apart from NFTs, Ethereum hosts a myriad of solutions that make the blockchain network unmatched.

One such solution is MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet. However, owing to the software wallet’s configuration allows it to only interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

The protocol also enables the use of nonfungible tokens or NFTs – digital assets that can represent virtual items such as artwork, documents and music — that can also be exchanged between chains.

“Aligning with our plan to improve Web3, Multichain will integrate NFT Cross-Chain Bridge and our new anyCall solution for arbitrary cross-chain contract calls, supporting innovative NFT and DeFi dapps in cross-chain ecosystems,” said Zhaojun.

The company said it would use the new financing to invest in growing its research and development team, especially aligned with crypto algorithms, the audit team that focuses on security and the service team to support more users and more blockchain ecosystems.

Image: PixabayA message from John Furrier, co-founder of SiliconANGLE:

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But, the important question is, is this safe? It’s your tokens at risk after all. You’ll be losing the tokens that you send to the wrong address and recovering them is near impossible.

The good news is that connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain is completely safe. BSC supports EVM and that’s why it is easy to bring projects over from Ethereum.

Even though MetaMask supports all EVM networks, it can only support Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens that were based on or are a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain with some additional configuration.

Consequently, it gives you the liberty to connect MetaMask not only to BSC but also to any network that supports EVM such as Fantom, Matic, xDAI, Harmony, MoonRiver, and Hero Chain.

Even though it is safe, it doesn’t mean that you should be lenient while transacting on BSC with MetaMask.

Multichain which was formerly named Anyswap, a cross-chain protocol raised a $60 million financing round worth $1.2 billion led by Binance Labs today. According to the press release, the series of rounds was joined by several other well-known investors such as Sequoia China, IDG Capital, Three Arrows Capital, DeFiance Capital, Circle Ventures, Tron Foundation, Hypersphere Ventures, Primitive Ventures, Magic Ventures, and HashKey. Apart from providing support financially, the group will also be jointly involved in the project’s development at a deeper level towards the common vision for web3 adoption.

Multichain who recently rebranded from Anyswap, was initially functioning as a cross-chain decentralized exchange or DEX since its inception back in July 2020.
Then in 2021, the platform removed the DEX function in order to focus on its cross-chain bridge services.

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