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Telegram, one-tenth the size of Facebook-owned rival WhatsApp, has caught on in many corners of the globe, including for a while with Islamic State as an ultra-secure way to quickly upload and share videos, texts and voice messages.

Durov, who has been described as “the Russian Mark Zuckerberg,” spent years fending off intrusions into his users’ communications, forging an uncompromising stance on privacy after founding VKontakte, only to lose control of that social media company for refusing Russian government demands to block dissidents.

Since leaving Russia in 2014 to set up Telegram in self-exile, Durov and his core team of 15 developers have become perpetual migrants, living only a few months at a time in any one location, starting in Berlin, then London, Silicon Valley, Finland, Spain and elsewhere.

It was also clarified that, once the TON blockchain is released, it will be independent of its developers and under no direct control. It is as of yet unknown whether these conditions were directly stipulated by the SEC behind closed doors.

The main priority, the Telegram release states, is to “build the TON Blockchain platform and work out the exact details of the project to ensure that the TON Blockchain and Grams can operate in a way that is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.”

Pavel Durov

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While this may come as a disappointment to investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who were expecting a minor fintech revolution, Durov’s original vision has still changed the game for tech companies looking to break into the industry.

Fellow co-director Steven Peikin added that they “have repeatedly stated that issuers cannot avoid the federal securities laws just by labelling their product a cryptocurrency or digital token.”

Telegram Gram Currency

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Banking on potential returns, the majority of investors opted not to retrieve the funds given to TON during the ICO even after the Oct 31st deadline passed, allowing Durov and the team at Telegram more time to prepare for both the launch and their day in court. TON has announced a new deadline of April 30th, 2020, but whether or not the SEC case will allow for a successful launch is yet to be seen. In the last two months, two TON employees have undergone depositions, with Durov scheduled to have given one this week in Dubai.

Given the lack of information on his disposition, some news outlets have expressed doubt as to whether it has yet taken place.

Telegram to provide that information.”

According to Shablinsky, although a Russian court can demand access to correspondences of a specific individual who is suspected of committing a crime, it is not known whether the provision covers access to the decryption devices for an entire network of users.

The free instant-messaging app, which lets people exchange messages, photos and videos in groups of up to 5,000 people, has attracted about 100 million users since its launch in 2013.

Telegram threatened

In June, Roskomnadzor, Russia’s state communications watchdog, threatened to ban Telegram for failing to provide user registration documents, which were requested as part of a push to increase surveillance of internet activities.

Although Telegram later registered, it stopped short of agreeing to Roskomnadzor’s data storage demands.

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Geçtiğimiz günlerde (7 Ocak) WhatsApp, gizlilik ilkesi değişimi bildirisiyle birlikte kullanıcılarının kişisel verilerini Facebook’a açık edebileceğini belirtti. Buna tepki gösteren birçok kullanıcı alternatif bir iletişim platformu olan Telegram’ı denemeye karar verdi. Bu durum neredeyse bir sanal kavimler göçü etkisi oluşturdu ve Telegram, Google Play’de en çok indirilen mesajlaşma uygulamalarında WhatsApp’ı geride bıraktı (gün içerisindeki indirme sayısı).

Telegram’ın kurucusu Durov oluşan durumu şu şekilde yorumladı:

Milyonlarca insan WhatsApp’ın kurallarındaki son değişiklikler nedeniyle kızgın.
Menurutnya, memasak di rumah memungkinkan diet yang lebih sehat dan kontrol yang lebih besar dengan bahan-bahan yang dibuat.

Poin selanjutnya, ketiga, adalah cuaca panas. Dia menjelaskan, cuaca cerah tidak hanya dapat menyebabkan sikap lemah, tapi juga risiko kanker dan penuaan yang lebih cepat. Suhu yang lebih dingin, sebaliknya, “Menjernihkan jiwa, tubuh, dan pikiran.”

Fesyen adalah poin keempat yang menurutnya mendapat penilaian berlebih atau terlalu tinggi daripada seharusnya.
Dia menuliskan bahwa pencarian tanpa akhir untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan tren yang selalu berubah itu mahal dan tidak perlu.

Bu sebeple WhatsApp kullanıcılarının birkaç yıldır süren Telegram’a kaçışının hızlanmış olmasında şaşılacak bir şey yok.”

Pavel Durov Kimdir ?

Pavel Durov, 10 ekim 1984’te Rusya’nın St. Peterburg şehrinde doğdu fakat babasının işi nedeniyle çocukluğunun büyük bir bölümünü İtalya’da geçirdi. Orta okulu İtalya’da, lise ve üniversite eğitimini Rusya’da tamamladı.

Yazılım ve programlamaya çok küçük yaşlarda ilgi duymuş, programlama bilgisini de ilk olarak okulun internet sitesinin “hoş geldiniz” sayfasını değiştirip sevmediği öğretmeni hakkında alaycı ifadeler yazarak göstermiştir.

Durov, 22 yaşında üniversiteyi bitirdikten sonra kendisi gibi yazılım ve programlama üzerine çalışan abisiyle birlikte 2006 yılında Facebook ile benzer şekilde çalışan Rus sitesi VKontakte’yi (VK) kurmuşlardır.

Facing intense new data laws in China, Apple made the choice to hand over legal ownership of customers’ data to a company called Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (GCBD).

Apple had the choice to either leave China — one of its biggest sources of business — or comply. Choosing the latter saved Apple’s business but now leaves customer data up to the whims of the Chinese government.

“It’s no wonder that Apple’s totalitarian approach is so appreciated by the Communist Party of China, which — thanks to Apple — now has complete control over the apps and data of all its citizens who rely on iPhones,” Durov writes.

The walled garden — Durov’s comments feel particularly pointed given the ongoing trial between Epic Games and Apple.

Deadline after deadline was missed, with the looming prospect of having to return investor funds if TON was not launched before October 31st, 2019. On October 11th, in order to prevent Telegram from meeting this deadline, the SEC successfully applied for a restraining order preventing Gram from being distributed across the United States.

The dispute lies in whether or not Gram counts as a ‘security’ rather than a currency. Securities are financial assets that require traders to register them with the SEC before release on American markets.

Durov didn’t contact the SEC before the ICO to register Gram, and so was faced with an order to freeze the launch until the matter was resolved in court.

Stephanie Avakian, the co-director of SEC’s Division of Enforcement, said the action is “intended to prevent Telegram from flooding the U.S.

Although privacy laws are generally the same for peer-to-peer text-messaging devices, Russian security agencies lack the technical sophistication to hack Telegram’s encrypted conversations.

Durov ‘most likely right’

Professor Ilya Shablinsky, a constitutional law expert with Moscow’s National Research University, says Durov is “most likely right” that FSB demands represent a constitutional violation, as allowing FSB access to Telegram would allow for users’ correspondence to be read.

“When that constitutional norm was drafted, correspondence was typically drafted on paper,” he said.

“And the Russian Constitution’s authors never envisaged a technological variant [such as Telegram].

Telegram aracılığıyla iletişim kurmaktadır.

Kişisel mal varlığının 3,4 milyar ABD doları olduğu tahmin edilen Durov’un Telegram’ı geliştirmek için sermaye harcadığını fakat henüz Telegram’dan elde ettiği kesin bir kazancının olmadığı tahmin ediliyor (reklam satan diğer uygulamalar kadar olmasa da belirli bir kazancı vardır).

Durov’un, bir başka kaçak bilişimci Edward Snowden’e sempati duyduğu ve 2013 yılında VK’nın geliştirilmesi için kendisine iş teklif ettiği söyleniyor.

Edward Snowden: Yazdığı Sistem Hatası kitabında, ABD Ulusal Güvenlik Ajansının (NSA) tüm dünyada internet hesaplarını ve telefon kayıtlarını izlediği ve depoladığını, “bu tür şeyleri yapan bir toplumda yaşamak istemiyorum. Yaptığım ve söylediğim her şeyin kaydedildiği bir dünyada yaşamak istemiyorum.

Providing security services with encryption keys to read users’ messaging data violates Russia’s constitution, he said in a post on Vkontakte, Russia’s version of Facebook, which he co-founded in 2007.

“Everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and other communications,” Durov said, quoting constitutional excerpts.

Russian special services need decryption keys to “expand their influence at the expense of the constitutional right of citizens,” he said, building on similar comments Durov made in September, when he announced that FSB officials had requested backdoor access to Telegram.

Russian security officials have said encryption codes are vital to protecting citizens against terror attacks such as those earlier this year in St.

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