Coinbase for terrible customer service after

coinbase for terrible customer service after

Platform good, Support very much lacking

The user interface is generally good and the crypto. options on offer is varied, although not as wide-ranging as Binance. Deposits into your account are incredibly fast via Faster Payments (so better than CEX.IO here). You can also place market orders if that’s your thing, so better than GATE.IO here. However, the biggest issue with Coinbase Pro is that their Support is seemingly populated by robots who just spout the same thing again and again, even if you provide extra context or information. The level of Support is less than admirable. You can end up wasting hours of your time trying to explain basic concepts to people who simply don’t understand the idea you’re trying to convey. It can be frustrating.

I thought this was a “pro” version of an exchange but it actually can seem limited in some things, i.e. you cannot WITHDRAW MATIC to the Polygon network (you can do this on Binance for example) but rather it goes to Ethereum (there’s no choice you can make)… thankfully it’s not lost, but the user interface asks for a MATIC address and you give it one and it tells you it’s OK (green text saying it’s valid) and then sends it to Ethereum – that surprised me as everything prior to that indicated it was going to the MATIC MAINNET. I say that including the fees… the fee was displayed as “8” before I withdrew – it turned out to be a fee of $30 in ETH!

I think this should be re-branded Coinbase Basic. When I tried to explain this discrepancy (because ADA is most definitely withdrawn to the ADA Blockchain in the exact same way) they truly didn’t seem to understand. A very strange Support experience. So there’s pluses and minuses to using this Exchange. 2 stars because my Support failure is still fresh in my mind.

I’ve currently asked to escalate the issue to a Manager in the hope that they might understand my point – at least that their user interface should say – “hang on, you’re about to withdraw MATIC, but don’t expect it to go to the MATIC MAINNET” – they do provide this warning on DEPOSITS… that’s the most interesting thing I found out after my little issue. I did a check, if you’re DEPOSITING MATIC then it clearly pops up a dialogue saying – “be careful, only send ERC-20 here”… if they had that same dialogue on WITHDRAWAL the issue would never have arisen.

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