Eden ethereum multicoin capitalkhatri

eden ethereum multicoin capitalkhatri

The EthereumC project is not just a blockchain that aims to evolve the existing economy, but it is a completely new economic system that is being created on the blockchain technology.

We understand that the first requirement for building a strong, self-sustaining network like EthereumC is providing liquidity and multiple ways for users to acquire and use EtherC (ETHC) coins. With that aim, our highly talented and experienced team of developers is working hard to build a one-of-its-kind economic system to provide usability for merchants and users.

All the devices in the system will be directly linked with the EthereumC Pay module, accessing which will require users to provide their unique identities. Thim will act as a Financial System of the entire economic system, allowing you to deposit, withdraw, perform payments, loan ETHC coins, link or request EthereumC Pay Debit/Credit cards to use with our ATMs, POS Terminals or Card Readers situated worldwide. The EthereumC Pay Module and Financial System will be supported by a separate entity from the EthereumC Foundation.

Further, to create a successful, self-sustaining economic system, the EthereumC Network will implement the Governance feature, which is already found in some cryptocurrencies, including Dash. The feature is designed to give certain rights to the Masternode holders, including the ability to vote, fund or reject proposals submitted by the community members, including but not limited to event sponsorships, charity, developer bounties, and more. The crowdfunding feature will enable the community to raise funds for their media/events appearance and development projects, without relying on a third-party development team.

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