Emerges as crypto for

Buddy Dyer, Mayor of Orlando. “From the University of Central Florida (UCF) to Full Sail University, we are seeing students graduating well-versed in modeling simulation and AR/VR. With 550,000 college students within a 100-mile radius of Orlando, there is no comparison in the country when it comes to young talent. We are training the workforce of the future.”

Leaders from entertainment, sports, fashion, retail and academia already call the Orlando region home, and this diversity of innovation which occurs locally, has proven to have a global reach with the formalization of the first MetaCenter.

“The MetaCenter combines the many diverse pieces of our Orlando technology ecosystem providing unlimited opportunity for talent and entrepreneurs,” said Charlie Lewis, Chair of The Orlando Tech Council.

Monero emerges as crypto of choice for cybercriminals

Just a couple of months after its February launch, Paper, a crypto-focused payments processing firm has closed a $7.3 million seed round after a $2 million angel investment, for a total of $9.3 million in fresh capital, James Sun, co-founder and CEO of the firm said.

The round was co-led by Electric Capital and Initialized Capital with participation from Polygon, FalconX, and Long Journey Ventures among others.

“Paper enables users to create wallets through their email addresses and purchase NFTs with credit cards [or crypto wallets] across the MATIC blockchain to provide non-crypto consumers a “frictionless” bridge for entry into the marketplace,” the announcement read.

Meta Chooses Polygon Blockchain to fuel its Web 3 Ambitions

Another significant development was when Meta announced that they will use the blockchain to expand their reach into the Web3 space.

Emerges as crypto force

ORLANDO, Fla., May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Orlando region is home to next-gen gaming, entertainment, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, IoT and simulation training companies. The people, entrepreneurs and businesses here created the most engaging, technologically-advanced region in the world over several decades – and are now doing the same for the metaverse, making Orlando the MetaCenter.

The declaration of the MetaCenter comes after the announcement of “Unbelievably Real” – a new brand that tells the complete story of Orlando, both the fantastical and authentic elements of the metro, in both tourism and business.

As per sources, Ukrainian nationals in Portugal have climbed to about 40,000 from about 27,200.

Valentin Sotov, a software developer who is working on a crypto-based metaverse game called Amber has fled from his native Ukraine’s city of Mukachevo to Lisbon. Despite the grim situation back at home, he sees the move to the south European nation as “a big opportunity for our product because we can work with a lot of IT people in one place.”

Portugal – land of crypto unicorns

Portugal has a thriving business community as many foreign entrepreneurs have succeeded in establishing a handful of unicorn startups, worth more than $1 billion. One such example is Anchorage Digital, a U.S.-based digital asset bank with offices in northern Portugal, is the latest of these unicorns and was co-founded by Diogo Monica, a Portuguese national.

Policymakers must, however, balance these considerations with the benefits which could be derived from the more widespread adoption of cryptos.

Some countries, meanwhile, are welcoming cryptos with seemingly few regulatory concerns. Cryptos’ borderless nature makes this even more challenging, as is evidenced by the near-overnight relocation of miners and crypto-firms out of China after that country clamped down on crypto activity. Most jurisdictions are reluctant to stifle innovation, but it would be politically unacceptable to deliberately risk either wholesale financial stability or widespread retail customer detriment.

The clear message from the report is that there is an urgent need for a coherent, comprehensive, and global approach to the regulation and oversight of cryptos.

On a related note, India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has also raised concerns about cryptocurrencies being used for harmful activities and has called for a global solution. Industry heads in the crypto space themselves are hoping for some kind of government intervention that will allow them to function more freely. It’s not difficult to predict that we will begin to see some kind of regulations coming to crypto sooner rather than later.

Pop culture Will popularise NFTs Whether its games, movies or music, NFTs have made a mark through them all.
In fact, popular culture will connect with the crypto industry through NFTs as well as the metaverse. Whether its cricketers or celebrities, game characters or global brands, everyone will jump onto the crypto bandwagon sooner rather than later if they haven’t already.

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    One more plunge It might not come to pass and we would surely not hope for it but current events point to at least one more big crash in global markets before revival begins. It’s difficult to quantify this prediction, especially considering how many things are in flux at this point, be it crypto regulations to recession worries amongst others. For anyone who wants to invest in cryptos currently, one can only suggest they do their due diligence and only invest small amounts until conditions improve to a visible degree.

    Crypto no more an outlaw The big promise of the crypto industry was about it being independent of the global financial industry.

    Portugal, like its neighbors, has opened its doors to thousands of fleeing Ukrainians, particularly attracting crypto workers. This is due to the fact that the nation has been able to position itself as a tech hub. One of the primary advantages is its zero-percent taxes on digital-currency gains.

    This combined with the affordable living costs and temperate climate makes it one of the most preferred destinations for crypto-adherents.

    Besides that, the country is already home to an established community of Ukrainians. In the past three weeks, the nation received more than 13,000 Ukrainian refugees after the government undertook measures to speed up and simplify the entry process of those fleeing the war.

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