Epic says it open blockchain games

The Epic Games Store made an explosive entry onto the scene of online game store fronts a few years ago and has not slowed down since. With the reveal of the latest free games on the Epic Game Store, it maintains its forward momentum.

That’s not to say that it hasn’t been a journey without troubles, both for the Epic Games Store and for Epic itself. Competition with Valve’s Steam is still largely in the more entrenched Steam’s favor, and Epic’s so far unsuccessful legal battle with Apple has not helped the company. Now, a power move by Epic may wind up being impactful in its contest against Steam.

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The decision is a direct mirror to Steam’s decision regarding games containing blockchain and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). At some point in the recent past, although no one is sure exactly when, Steam changed its publishing guidelines to ban games issuing or allowing the exchange of cryptocurrencies and/or NFTs. Essentially, Steam banned games where cryptocurrencies/NFTs are essential. Perhaps sensing an opportunity to attract developers who no longer have a place on the more popular storefront, Epic Games has stated its store will accept games featuring blockchain and NFTs.

This is undoubtedly a savvy move on the part of Epic Games if it wants to attract more exclusive developers and their games, which has always been the Epic Games Store’s major strategy. The term “Epic Games Store Exclusive” has become a familiar one as the storefront uses Epic Games’ wealth to offer lucrative exclusivity deals. Many times this has annoyed players to no end, but it has worked in Epic’s favor, and in this case the games are excluded from Steam by default. With the upcoming addition of Epic Games Store Achievements, it would seem Epic is acquiring more feathers for its storefront’s cap.

That said, Epic has chosen to tread carefully when it comes to NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Both are still relatively unknown factors, and Epic doesn’t want backlash if players wind up buying into something that ends up biting them later for whatever reason. NFTs have drawn controversy in the past within the videogame sphere and are still somewhat the wild west of the digital space.

As such, Epic will examine games using them and cryptocurrencies on a case by case basis, determining carefully which ones are allowed onto the storefront. With the lawsuit with Apple recently appealed by Apple and still possibly disastrous, Epic cannot afford more problems.

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Source: The Verge

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