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Your solution will proceed to work precisely as it does currently, no matter where you’re in the US or worldwide. All that will change is where you can log right into your account if you have an address inside NYS. After that, you will need to log right into your account from inside NYS.

That Can Use FTX.US and That Cannot?

One of the most exciting points about FTX.US is that it is available for US residents, which means users must be more than 18 years old. If you are petite, you can’t lawfully use FTX and should appear elsewhere for an alternative solution such as Snapchat or Twitter and google Carrier.

However, if you’re of lawful age, not everybody can use FTX; there are some circumstances under which users cannot sign up for and use FTX.US.

Ftx us new york

FTX US users need to verify their identity to comply with US KYC regulations and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws

Since KYC is required, users must supply their name, proof of address, date of birth, government-issued identification document, social security number, and a selfie to verify their identity and reveal the source of funds.

Personal Account Security

FTX US is subject to regulation at both the federal and state levels, with its principal regulatory compliance requirements being inside the United States.

Furthermore, FTX US has successfully received the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) financial audit.

Password Strength and 2FA Requirement

Every account at FTX US requires you to create a password that is made up of a mix of numbers, letters, special characters, and no predictable patterns.

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FTX US’s reputable, regulated platform allows you to get exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum while minimizing risk.


Fees are as low as $5 per Bitcoin or 5 cents each contract when you trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on FTX US Derivatives.

Sell Bitcoin and Ether for USD in order to acquire options, sell put options, or utilize the USD to execute call options at settlement. Alternatively, buy BTC and ETH in exchange for USD to sell call options or in order to exercise put options at settlement.

OTC Trading

In addition, FTX US provides a digital OTC or “Over-the-Counter” Portal that anybody can access at any time. Traders and investors who want to acquire huge quantities of a coin or token while reducing their influence on the market may find this option useful.

The FTX US OTC portal is a common means of trade execution for institutional investors.

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Additionally, FTX US needs a necessary two-factor authentication (2FA) set up in order to interact in any manner on any newly established account.

2FA Withdrawals and Passwords

FTX US is committed to safeguarding all withdrawals, starting with a practical approach that allows users to activate a dual security layer, consisting of two-factor authentication and a distinct password for each withdrawal.

Withdrawal Lock

There is a withdrawal lock after an account status change such as:

  • – 2FA Removal
  • – Password Change

FTX US may lock the withdrawals on the account for at least 24 hours.

Tracking Suspicious Activity

FTX US tracks any suspicious activity on the platform.

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After doing so, you should receive a verification email within 24 hours, letting you know that the membership is updated to consist of FTX.US access!

Will There Be Any Changes Coming For Users in NYS?

Yes! Much like our various other solutions, you will quickly have the ability to access FTX via our mobile application and enjoy all your favourite features on your telephone, equally as you would certainly on a computer system. And we’re striving behind the scenes to obtain it ready as quickly as feasible! As soon as it is life, we will allow you to know so that you can download and install it and start using all its most recent features instantly.

We can’t wait on that day! Will There Be Any Changes Coming For Users Outside NYS?: No, absolutely nothing will change regarding how you use FTX beyond NYS.

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Trading platform

The FTX US exchange is straightforward to use, regardless of whether you’re a day trader or just want to purchase and hold cryptocurrency on the account.

Although FTX US does not support as many assets as its FTX counterpart, it does support a large number of high-cap and mid-cap coins, with support for additional cryptocurrencies being introduced all the time with a total of more than 20 distinct digital assets currently available for up to 10x leverage.

Selecting a Market

Users may sort markets by 24-hour volume, price, and daily percentage change by simply clicking on the corresponding wording in the red box to the right of the market heading.

Users can examine and change charts, check the order book, conduct trades, and perform other actions inside the markets tab of a trading pair interface.

API-related queries and concerns;

  • The option to provide suggestions for new products that FTX US develops;
  • Access to VIP meet-ups and unique VIP gear from FTX US are also included.

In order to be eligible for VIP2, you must constitute approximately 5% of the total 30-day exchange volume.

The referral fees generated by VIPs are not deducted from their account; nevertheless, they may still refer other traders and collect referral fees for doing so.

Referral Program

In addition, FTX US offers a generous referral program, which means that if a new user joins up using your referral code, you will get receive 30% of their fees, and they will receive 5% of their fees back.

Customer support

Users may send tickets to FTX US using their platform’s support portal, which is accessible to all users.

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In addition, to its credibility and security, FTX US customers can benefit from the competitively low fees making it a solid choice for users living in the United States and abroad. Having said that, a disadvantage is that the coins and tokens that are supported are not quite as solid as those offered by other rivals, albeit the platform is still fairly young, and new cryptocurrencies are being added regularly to the list.

Through the implementation of innovative features such as FTX Pay and the FTX debit card, FTX US is making significant progress toward its goal of being the all-in-one platform for crypto users in the United States who wish to actively trade, buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrency.

FAQs about FTX US

What are the trading fees on FTX US?

For all spot markets on FTX US, a tiered fee system is in place that includes both maker and taker fees.

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The percentage of the cost is decided by the amount of money that is exchanged, albeit even the highest fee is less than 0.5%.

Costs for the spot markets are levied in the target cryptocurrency or currency for maker orders and in the quotation currency for taker orders (for example, a market buy order on ETH/USD would pay fees in USD, but a limit buy order that executes as a maker would pay fees in ETH).

Wire fees

FTX US retains the right to impose a USD wire transfer deposits and withdrawals fee.

Specifically, a 1% fee is charged on all USD deposits and withdrawals; however, the cost cannot exceed $35 and cannot be less than $5 in any one transaction. It should be noted that this does not apply to stablecoin deposits and withdrawals, as well as ACH transactions, which are completely free.

Constantly research before buying anything with energetic ingredients, also if sold by us!

Where Do I Obtain Access to FTX.US if I’m a current user that resides in New York?

To obtain FTX.US access, you will need to update your current FTX account at $75 a month. To do so, enter into your user control panel and click membership.

There will be a choice there that says Change Membership Degree, which is where you can choose between FTX Basic, Standard, and Premium plans or use a pay-as-you-go plan which costs $19 each session with no long-term contract. Once you’ve chosen your plan, hit send and verify via email.

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The proportion of the fee is determined by the amount traded, although even the largest fee is less than half of 1%.

Is FTX US safe?

FTX US is a secure crypto exchange, and has never been hacked since its launch. Furthermore, FTX US is subject to regulation at both federal and state levels as well as being licensed in the US.
In addition, the platform has measures in place to safeguard your account, including 2FA and Whitelisting.

Can I use FTX US in New York state?

Although it is marketed or branded as FTX US, the exchange is available around the world, with the exclusion of residents of New York State and residents within Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) OFAC-sanctioned nations are unable to use FTX US presently.

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Users can receive payments through FTX Pay which is a widget that allows you to accept both cryptocurrency and fiat payments on your website, app, or shop.

In general, FTX Pay provides merchants with a method of accepting payments from users. Merchants may accept payments to one of two destinations:

  1. Their FTX US account.
  2. An external wallet.

FTX US account

FTX US is able to offer precise information on payments to merchants after they have been received into an FTX US account, including via an API.
Furthermore, since no funds are entering or leaving a crypto wallet on a technical level (simply a transfer between two FTX accounts that “live” on the same wallet), there are no blockchain fees to consider.

External wallet

You may also accept payments to an external wallet as an alternative (useful for DeFi and similar projects).

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