How to launch an ico

how to launch an ico

For instance, if you want to raise $14,000 for your project, you and your team should have an equal amount of capability and expertise. Moreover, raising $14,000 is not an easy task. You should remain perfect and produce an impeccable product to achieve this target. Before you start hiring or creating the team, remember to grab the people where you have planned to do ICO. The ICO development team doesn’t just include Developers alone. Here is the set of people who should be available in your ICO development Team

  • Founder/Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer/ Co-Founder
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Blockchain & ICO Developers
  • ICO Marketing Specialists
  • Financial Advisors


How to launch an ico

Any failures would result in instant refund of the investor money and there is no way fake projects can withdraw investor money because the Escrow is controlled by investors themselves.8. Distribution and Treasury Management

The raised funds would be stored in the Escrow account and the terms of distributing the fund for the project needs to be well defined as a smart contract within the decentralized Escrow. The funds might have been collected in multiple currencies and the terms of converting them into a unified currency for transparency and how the funds would be managed should be clearly defined.

Security Audits

Before going ahead with the ICO, it is imperative to conduct a security audit of your token protocols, the digital token exchanges, the wallet and Escrow accounts as well as your information storage systems.

How to launch an ico

At that time, they had 845 million users with 2 million likes and comments every day. Once the IPO got over, Mark retained 22% of ownership shares and 57% of voting shares. Before the IPO, the motto was to raise $5 billion. But they managed to raise 4104 billion.

This remains to be the most famous history with Initial Public Offerings.

On comparing IPO Vs ICO, 3 differences occur. Initially, ICOs are decentralized with no authority. Secondly, In IPOs, investors get a good amount of shares in return for the investment.
Finally, ICOs are unregulated. Okay, the working of ICO mainly depends on Blockchain Smart Contracts on the technical end. Regardless of Blockchain networks such as Ethereum, NXT, HyperLedger, or others, you can choose any platform.

How to launch an ico on ethereum

Tokens or coins are offered at rates that are lower than the actual ICO offer price. This is a potential disadvantage because investors who buy tokens during the Pre-ICO may sell of the coins when the actual ICO starts with a better price offering. Nevertheless it is the best method to raise capital and equip yourself to conduct a bigger ICO event.5.
Start a Conversation Around the Project

All that we discussed now will not make you ready to start your ICO. After you have captured the essence of the project in a white paper, circulate it amongst potential users and so they can read and comment on it. This would also spread the word about the coin and garner interest from the international community.

How to launch an ico token

Since there is a certain fat factors associated with ICOs, people might jump into the bandwagon thinking that and ICO itself elevates their marketing stones. However, more often than not, and ICO might not even be needed, and it is bound to be a failure if it is not convincing enough for the investor. You can consider creating a thread on specialized forums and can take a feedback.

At the same time, you should be sure that you do not spill too much of beans, so someone else will steal your idea.

Understand your competitive landscape

It is only the unique selling point that differentiates the mediocre from the excellent, at least from a marketing perspective. Understand what your competitors are doing. Know if there are any similar solutions that are being offered right now, and that will also help you position your product better.

How to launch an ico in the us

Some of them are

  1. This has the advantage of allowing the financial specialists a chance to interface with the new companies with less expensive speculations and benefit organization limits, while the new companies get instant financial support for their service’s development.
  2. If pre-ICO is effective, it implies they can utilize that cash towards expanding their group, all the more advertising and getting ready for their ICO. Actually, this framework helps both parties
  3. If the amount created from the pre-ICO deal successfully, then it can be utilized for venture development purposes and future advertising for the ICO stage also.

Advantages of Pre ICO offering

  1. Possibly more prominent concession on tokens compared to crowd sale.
  2. A token purchase is assured.

How to launch an ico a detailed guide

You could strike a partnership with leading e-commerce and physical retail chains in different countries to be a part of your digital currency network and accept your coins as payment. These merchants would then include your coins in their loyalty and customer acquisition strategies and thereby, organically add more users to your ecosystem.7. Escrow and Custodial Advisory

The crypto-currency economy has been hit badly by scams and fake ICO’s recently and several investors would hesitate to invest in ICO’s for fear of losing their hard-earned money if the project turns out to be a scam.
To avoid this scenario, it is advisable to set up a decentralized Escrow account within your project where investors can vet to transfer the funds accumulated in the ICO only when the project owners are able to successfully accomplish their milestones.

How to start an ico


Another crucial step in ensuring the success of your ICO is in choosing the right blockchain platform. More than 80% of the ICOs happen on Ethereum, and some of them happen on other services like Waves, Stratis, and Hyperledger.

The reason for Ethereum ruling the roost is because of the relative ease in creating tokens using the ERC 20 standards. The website even lists the code that you will need to use under different circumstances.

That might be a need for a considerable technical expertise to customize certain aspects of the crowd say, but it is the easiest and most straightforward nevertheless.

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Write a white paper

The white paper can be considered the single most important document in the entire process of launching an ICO.

How to run an ico

This stage gives solutions to whether your project is alive and successful. The average duration of ICO Crowdsale could be around 2-4 weeks and could even extend up to 2 months.

Communication is the most important tool in this stage. Your specialists from all the domains of your ICO product should be available 24*7 to support your investors.

This is the decisive period for your project since people want to seek answers to their immediate questions. In addition to this, having security specialists will be great. If in case your ICO Website is imposed with some attacks, they can help you instantly.

What to do after ICO?

I have seen a huge number of people who perform Post ICO marketing.
This is also a good step. Apart from this, you have to start distributing your tokens.

How to open an ico file

In all of this, email marketing should not be forgotten – it might be old but it still works.

Launching your ICO

After all the activities done so far, the key is now to launch your ICO. Some ICOs have lasted four days and have raised thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. In most cases, launching your ICO is a turnkey activity.

However, what makes the process of launching a bit more complicated is the communication. This is the time when you are expected to have a high influx of website traffic, and as a consequence, a lot of support queries.

The traffic also translates into a portable security threat.

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