How to use a bitcoin atm machine

how to use a bitcoin atm machine

Choose Language, by clicking the flag that represents your language of choice.English will be the default option all the way to the left, here in Australia.

Click below, “Buy Bitcoins” to confirm your selection.

Click “Send Me Bitcoins By E-Mail.”

Click blank line, which will pull up a keyboard input screen.

Carefully type your email address, and verify you have made no mistakes.This email address will be where your wallet link will be sent. If you make a mistake, you will not be able to receive your bitcoin.

Click “Done,” to close the keyboard input screen.

Click “Done,” on the bottom right.

Write down, or take a picture of the “One Time Password” for your newly generated bitcoin wallet.The generated wallet will have a link to it, emailed to your designated email address. It will be a string of random characters. This is very important to record accurately, as otherwise you will not be able to receive your bitcoin.

Click “Ok.”

Insert cash into machine, one bill at a time.The machine will identify and calculate the bill inserted, and its corresponding exchange amount in bitcoin.

Click “Buy Bitcoins” on the upper right of the screen.It will process the transaction, which takes about 5-10 seconds.

The Transaction Completion Screen, shows how much bitcoin you’ve just purchased, how much currency you’ve spent, and a Transaction ID.

Click Done.

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