John mcafee russian hack

Donald Trump has published new documents on election fraud.”

News of the attack comes less than three weeks before President Biden is slated to hold a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The White House said this week that Biden wants to “restore predictability and stability” in the two countries’ relationship. Press secretary Jen Psaki issued that statement on Tuesday — the same day the hackers sharply escalated their attack, according to Microsoft.

Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov denied his country is involved, saying Microsoft was making an “unfounded accusation,” according to the Interfax news agency.

Here’s what we know about the new hacking campaign:

The hackers

The new cyber campaign was orchestrated by a group Microsoft calls Nobelium, though it may be better known as APT29.

McAfee: First and foremost, itself!

Anderson: The problem with cybersecurity is that it’s way too complex. Individuals need simple interfaces, like those of Apple, which made a lot of decisions to streamline its users’ experience.
The underlying algorithms for cryptography, too, are extremely complicated. I’m not a cryptographer. I’ll never be a cryptographer.
But I can use crypto correctly.

We need brilliant engineers to convert these technologies from complexity to simplicity. It’s art more than it is science. Engineers are not artists by definition.
At the code level we are, but at a higher level, it takes training and a special type of engineer.

John mcafee russian hackers

If we do not include in our technology race or our knowledge race all of those tools and techniques, and everything else that black-hat hackers use and have, we will lose.” — John McAfee, CEO, MGT Capital Investments

Anderson: Hosting and managing an email server is not easy, especially for somebody without a technical background. A good leader chooses good, smart, intelligent people to act on his or her behalf.

And (at least with respect to her server), she failed to do that.

What did you think about Jeff Moss and other old-guard hackers at Black Hatendorsing Clinton?

McAfee: I cannot comment on why people would endorse any candidate—what rationale, or motivation, or sort of drugs they may decide to take.

Anderson: I’ve thought about this a lot. It’s the fear of Donald Trump.

John mcafee russian hacke

The group is thought to be run out of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, or SVR.

The tech company said recipients were sent emails that looked to be from USAID — but which contained links that could install malicious code, giving hackers wide-ranging access.

The messages were sent from USAID’s account with Constant Contact, a large email marketing and branding company. Microsoft said emails containing malicious URLs were sent to roughly 3,000 accounts at more than 150 organizations.

“Nobelium, originating from Russia, is the same actor behind the attacks on SolarWinds customers in 2020,” Microsoft said.

John mcafee russian hacker

Even then, experts believe it would be difficult and would risk destroying the data the FBI is fighting so hard to access.

“Now, what I did not lie about was my ability to crack the iPhone. I can do it. It’s a piece of friggin’ cake.”

Apple has the ability to write custom software that would allow the FBI to brute force its way into San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone without triggering a self-destruct security feature.
But it must do so by authorizing the specialized version of iOS with a signature Apple exclusively holds.

FBI Director James Comey said during a congressional hearing on Tuesday that his office had requested the help of the entire U.S.

John McAfee Global Technologies, bought his Demonsaw encrypted file-sharing and communications technology. He developed Demonsaw over several years, while programming artificial intelligence on Grand Theft Auto at Rockstar Games.
He left the company in January to devote his attention, full-time, to Demonsaw.“Fire or massively retrain every employee in the U.S. government responsible for implementing cybersecurity. Seriously.” — John McAfee, CEO, MGT Capital Investments

McAfee and Anderson, who at DefCon announced that a commercial version of Demonsaw would be available in the first quarter of next year, make an unlikely twosome: McAfee has a reputation for having ingested many known recreational pharmaceuticals and for stretching the truth of his technical prowess to the point of incredulity, while Anderson is a vegetarian who neither smokes nor does drugs.

You could probably do it.”

McAfee first admitted to lying in an interview with Inverse.The software company executive offered to tell the Daily Dot his secret method for cracking an encrypted iPhone, something that experts say cannot be done without Apple’s authentic digital signature, but only if the Daily Dot promised to “not publish this publicly or tell anybody else.”

The Daily Dot declined to make such a promise in order to keep the entire conversation on the record.

Later in the interview, McAfee described his method, which involves “decapping” the phone’s processor and acquiring the device’s unique identifier (UID), that may allow someone to brute force the phone’s password—guess the password by flooding it with options—at a faster rate.

The White House had no immediate comment on Friday on whether the new hack might affect plans for the upcoming summit between Biden and Putin.

The Biden administration said it’s pushing forward on a plan to improve federal agencies’ security in computer networks and software — part of an executive order issued after the SolarWinds hack.

In a statement on the latest attack, Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said, “We have to step up our cyber defenses, and we must make clear to Russia – and any other adversaries – that they will face consequences for this and any other malicious cyber activity.”

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And people who hire the first incompetent person are still going to be hiring the second incompetent person.

So, in all seriousness, you know what I would do? I would, here at DefCon, have 100 booths saying, “We are now hiring. We are paying twice whatever you are being paid, provided you are the best. We don’t care if you have a purple mohawk and a pierced nose, and you want to smoke weed all day long. What we care about is what can you do and what have you done.”

If you’re going to build the best safe in the world, whom do you hire? You hire the best safe cracker in the world to design it. Isn’t this the problem with cybersecurity? We’re walking a very fine line.

John McAfee isn’t telling you the truth—but he says he’s lying for a good cause.

McAfee has been on a media tour discussing a court order that directs Apple to write custom code to help the FBI access a terrorist’s iPhone. The method McAfee says he would use to break open the phone, he admitted to the Daily Dot, is false.

McAfee, who founded of one of the first companies to offer antivirus software, claimed on CNN and Russia Today, as well as in a Business Insider column, that he could bypass the advanced encryption protecting the iPhone without Apple’s help.

But he lied in those interviews, he told the Daily Dot, to “get a shitload of public attention.”

Further, the method McAfee says is real—the one he says he’s lying to try to hide—is neither a secret nor feasible for anyone to accomplish without expensive tools and specialized skills.

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