Lukka 53m soros fund

lukka 53m soros fund

Lukka announced that it plans to add more features for the customers that are dealing in DeFi products, derivatives, and other products of the crypto space. Barely weeks before the filing deadline for the US taxpayers, crypto accounting and data company Lukka announced that it had raised an extra $53 million in new funding round.

In its March 26 announcement, Lukka said that it had completed a Series D funding round that was spearheaded by Soros Fund Management, accounting advisor, and S&P Global. Lukka wants to add more features to cater to the needs of its users. The company’s co-CEO Robert Materazzi:

“Innovation in the crypto ecosystem has exposed traditional finance to a new way of exchanging assets around the world.

This new capital will help Lukka stay at the forefront of innovation so that we can continue to solve [institutions’] most complex data challenges.”

The firm has raised $75 million in the past year from the three investors and financial services company State Street together with other institutional investors. Lukka has allegedly processed over $4.4 trillion in unique transactions to date serving at least 200 active crypto funds.

As digital assets and crypto adoption increase, a majority of the users have expressed their worries about tax management in the cryptocurrency space. Thus, the latest funding round for Lukka might be an indication of investors aiming to capitalize on the need for specialized accounting services.

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Lukka 53m soros fund management

The firm currently serves over 200 active crypto funds, has assisted companies like ShapeShift and other major crypto exchanges and OTC Desks through financial audits, and supplies crypto asset data to the largest traditional financial and crypto native firms including S&P Dow Jones Indices, IHS Markit, RSM, Arca and many others. Lukka’s processed $4.4 trillion unique transactions to date valued in USD.

With this additional capital, Lukka will scale its business to stay ahead of that rapidly innovating crypto industry. Lukka will continue to add additional product features to support customers with derivatives, DeFi products, and other attractive crypto ecosystem innovations while preserving transparency and integrity.
Lukka leads the post-trade crypto world by creating products, such as Lukka Reference Data and Lukka Prime, that solve crypto ecosystem complexities.

Lukka 53m soros funda

He added that the funding round will help the firm expand the features of its existing products, which span data and tax solutions. Lukka’s products are aimed at Wall Street’s middle and back offices that need help pinpointing the exact price of bitcoin and building out the necessary administrative tools to account for their trading activity within the nascent market.

To date, Lukka has partnered with firms like IHS Markit to provide institutional-grade crypto data to financial-services firms.

“We are seeing material growth in enterprise sales,” Materazzi told The Block.

The growth in the crypto asset management space—which could be further propelled by the several bitcoin ETFs sitting on the sidelines—may serve as a tailwind for Lukka. Already, the firm counts Hashdex, a manager of funds in Bermuda and Brazil, as a client.

Lukka 53m soros funder

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This new capital will help Lukka stay at the forefront of innovation so that we can continue to solve their most complex data challenges.”

Since its Series C, Lukka has focused on attracting leaders from both the traditional financial and crypto asset industries to its high performing team. The company recently appointed Eileen Murray, Chairperson of FINRA and Former Co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates LP, to its advisory board and Dan Torrey, former Genesis Head of Institutional Sales, to lead the expansion of their Sales operations. The firm will continue to recruit the brightest minds from traditional finance as it grows its management team.

Lukka CEO, Robert Materazzi, is available for interviews.

Фирма пожертвует в общей сложности $1m.


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Lukka’s software and data solutions turn complex crypto asset data into easy-to-use information so that businesses can support traditional middle and back-office operations. The firm does this in accord with industry-trusted technical control standards such as AICPA System and Organization Controls (SOC).

Lukka’s notable partnerships with S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) to support the build-out of crypto asset indices and crypto asset data distribution with IHS Markit have put a focus on the institutional quality software and data services that Lukka offers.

Lukka’s customer base spans across both the crypto native and traditional financial industry.

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