Maximilian s. face

maximilian s. face
Update: Maximilian’s Trouble Shooter mod is now officially complete with his voice acting in DNF Duel

Update: Trouble Shooter’s fitting Maximilian Dood mod is now officially complete with the streamer’s own original voice acting for the DNF Duel character. You can check out the final result added to the original story below as well as a fun look at Max’s recording process and where to find the mod.

DNF Duel came out just two days ago but already an incredibly talented fan by the name of Excalibur_fyda has already created a mod that introduces prominent fighting game streamer Maximilian into the action.

Max’s long blonde locks, glasses, and facial hair are mapped perfectly over the face of Trouble Shooter, making for a character who looks like he was designed from the start by developers to be in the game.

The content creator, who has just over a million followers on his Twitch channel and 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, has been covering DNF Duel regularly here in the weeks and months leading up to its official June 28 release.

It seems this took almost no time to get back to Max on social media, on which he responded with a tweet saying he’d be willing to record voice lines for the mod, pro bono.

Get me a voice list/lines or actions of the character and I’ll do it for free.

— Maximilian Dood (@maximilian_) June 30, 2022

Here’s a quick introduction via a handful of stills so you can appreciate some of the finer details of the gorgeous mod.

Click images for larger versions

Here’s a full trailer video for DNF Duel Max from TryFighters, who have placed it into the Trouble Shooter trailer.

As quick as this was rolled out, it’s actually the second DNF Duel mod we’ve reported on since launch as a Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise came out on the game’s release date.

Also, if you’d like to get your hands on this mod for your own PC version of DNF Duel (always be careful when downloading content from the internet that modifies your software) you can do so over at Gamebanana, and the Max voiceover can be found here on Google Drive.

Finally, If you’re somehow still on the fence about nabbing this new 2D fighting game, we’ve got a review letting you know if it’s worth the money that will surely aid you in your decision to purchase it or not.

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