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    META® ARfusion™ – Solving the Challenges of Fashionable, Functional AR Smart Glasses

    You’ve seen it in the movies. The hero, superhero (or cyborg) views the world through a visor or smart glasses. The system superimposes all kinds of useful, spatially aware information onto the surroundings, giving her, him (or it) critical guidance (or even superpowers).
    Meanwhile, here in the real world, we must still look down at our smartphone screens. All the big players in the mobile ecosystem – hardware, OS, apps, e-commerce, social media platforms, advertisers – want to be there when we put down our phones and put on AR smart glasses. What will it take to make this vision real?

    There are two major challenges.

  • Try to note what makes the invention unique, as far as you can determine; for example, there are many variations on farm equipment and tools, but the text will generally note that the particular design is cheaper, more versatile, easier to build or use, more efficient, etc.
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    • Patent for a new medical compound to treat chills and fevers which lists the ingredients and dosages.
    • Patent for “a new and improved mode of dressing millstones for the purpose of grinding every kind of grain into meal flour &c., &c.” (lines 4-7) including instructions and illustrations.
    • Patent for a new windmill design with different sails and connections, including illustrations.

    Physical Description

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    A visit to Meta Company’s website reveals that the new owners have taken over the domain and posted a new message that reads: “A new spatial computing company is emerging.”

    Along with the new tagline, there’s also a new logo, which takes the old font of the original Meta logo and combines it with the word “morphosis.” Other than those elements, the website is now devoid of the previous product shots of the Meta 2, as well as any other company information.

    Back in May, the new owners confirmed that they would support existing Meta 2 users, but would no longer sell the device itself.

    However, since much of the value of Meta Company’s assets were in the technology rather than its hardware inventory, it remains to be seen how Meta View will be able to move forward with any new products without utilizing the Meta Company patents mentioned in the initial lawsuit.

    Meta (formerly known as Facebook) will be the latest company to join the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA).

    Meta — together with Jack Dorsey’s payments company Block at the helm and with over a couple dozens of tech and crypto companies — pledges to not enforce their “core cryptocurrency patents”.

    According to COPA general manager Max Sills, he generally defines “core cryptocurrency patents” as technologies that “enables the creation, mining, storage, transmission, settlement, integrity, or security of cryptocurrencies.”

    COPA’s main objective is to reduce the possibility of patent litigation in order to encourage more blockchain-related innovation.

    The figures below illustrate a top view of a curved roadway where the visual representations are projected from the vehicle.

    Intel Wants to Patent a Comfort Ride Vehicle Control System

    U.S. patent application US20200278682 discloses a control system for managing a vehicle. The system includes a communication module for interfacing with a mobile device, the vehicle, and sensors coupled to the vehicle. The system also includes a configuration module for performing a mitigation operation when obstacles in a travel route exist.

    Microsoft Seeks a Patent for Active Display Alignment for a Multi-Display Device

    patent application, US20200278544, describes a display alignment sensing assembly that receives signals from display assemblies through a waveguide.

    In a standard thermal process, curing of lens blanks for up to 50 hours requires much more energy and process time compared to ARfusion™.Goals for AR Smart Glasses

    To achieve widespread commercial adoption and ultimately become as ubiquitous as smartphones, AR glasses must be comfortable, affordable, natural looking, and easy to use. A successful solution needs to achieve high-quality images and a large field of view (FOV) in a fashionable, compact form factor, without adding excess weight. This means that the smart technologies (displays, filters, active dimming) must be embedded within a rugged, cast prescription lens.

    ARfusionis Compatible with a Wide Range of Embedded Smart Technologies

    The ARfusion process uses low strain thermoforming of functionalized films (such as holographic optical elements).

    McKay, of Logansport, Louisiana, Assignor of one-half to Bailey A. Roper, of Tenaha, Texas.


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    • Hollinghead, John S.
    • Northen, Mary Eva

    • Name: Osgood, R.

    F.Info: Witness for illustration.

    1. If there is an illustration, include the name at the bottom of the illustration as the “printer”
      • When in doubt as to the type, assume that the name is a company (organization)
      • When possible, use the same form of the name
      • If the lithographer is one of these companies, use the exact name below:
        • A.M. Photo-Lithogr. Co.
        • Norris Peters Co. (sometimes written as “N. Peters”)
        • Andrew B. Graham Co.
      • Add the statement to the information section (as it is printed on the patent)


    • Name: Norris Peters Co.Role: PrinterInfo: N.

    The parties have 45 days to file formal agreement documents with the US District Court for the Northern District of California or otherwise ask for more time.

    Meanwhile, a new challenger, Genedics, LLC, has filed their own lawsuit in US District Court for the District of Delaware against Meta for violation of six patents that the plaintiff owns.

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    According to court filings, the interrelated patents in question cover user interface methods for image manipulation and user input in a three-dimensional space where projectors display images and sensors identify user input, as applied in the Meta 2 headset.

    US Patent No. 8,319,773, filed in 2012 and continued via No. 8,902,225, describe user input by way of gestures that distort the projected original image. US Patent No.

    Target markets include photonics/optical filters and holographic optical elements, diffusers, laser eye protection, optical combiners, and AR (augmented reality) applications.

    In February 2021, META acquired the assets and IP of Interglass, including second-generation, ALC5 lens casting equipment and related workstations and software, tools, and test equipment, along with intellectual property including patents, trademarks, know-how, technical data, proprietary software, designs, and trade secrets. Interglass has 35 international patents in the field of casting processes for high-quality plastic lenses or other optical components based on UV curing acrylics.

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