Microsoft decentralized real world

This is what allows me to present my membership card from Alberta on a dark highway in North Dakota – where both I and the driver can be confident in the transaction. If everyone uses a common presentation model, it opens the doors to make it easier for trust frameworks to be formed and governed.

Unique properties of the Digital Direct Presentation model

There are few things that couldn’t work for me as I sit in my broken-down car with a physical auto club card, but that could work if I were using a digital credential.

Selective disclosure

When I hand my auto club card to the tow truck operator on the dark highway, I cannot prevent that person from reading everything printed on that card. If the card were to show my home address, the truck driver would know where I lived.

While decentralized AI remains a nascent and still experimental market, there are several initiatives that have gained some notoriety beyond the research phase:

  • SingularityNet: SingularityNet is, arguably, the most ambitious company in the decentralized AI space. Famous for powering the popular Sophia robot, SingularityNet is looking to introduce decentralization across all aspects of the AI lifecycle.
    Technically, SingularityNet is a platform that enables the implementation and consumption of AI services in a decentralized model. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SingularityNet provides a model in which different participants in the network are incentivized for the implementation or usage of AI services.
  • Ocean Protocol: The Ocean Protocol provides a decentralized network of data providers and consumers that enables the implementation and usage of AI applications.

Microsoft decentralized real world

The user retains visibility of how that information was used and for how long the organization has access to it. The use of open standards specifications, such as verifiable credentials from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), make it easy for people and companies to receive and present credentials across platforms and services.
It allows people to build relationships with organizations that are mutually beneficial.

Next Steps

Turning credentials into digital form isn’t new, but decentralizing identity goes beyond that. It gives individuals the ability to verify their credentials once and use them anywhere as proof of attestation.

Microsoft decentralized real world-

He has also started exploring the usage of Dataverse for Teams, Mixed Reality in Power Apps, and setting up a Center of Excellence using the CoE Starter Kit.

Speakers: Nashwin Kiewitz (Electrical Engineering Technician, Eskom), Sally Shi (Microsoft (host)).

Products: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, SharePoint

Themes: Citizen development, mobile solutions, QR code and barcode scanning, exploration of Dataverse for Teams and Mixed Reality in Power Apps.

Watch: link

Western States Caterpillar

Western States Caterpillar Equipment Company is an authorized Caterpillar dealer for five mountain states in the United States, with 17 branches located in Idaho, western Wyoming and Montana, and eastern Oregon and Washington.

Microsoft decentralized real worlds

The fact that Erasure is powering the data science interactions at Numerai shows up in the simplicity and practical applicability of the protocol.

  • OpenMined: OpenMined is one of the most active projects in the decentralized AI market. More than a platform, OpenMined is an ecosystem of tools and frameworks for the implementation of decentralized AI applications.

    OpenMined has been able to build a very active developer community and provide seamless integration with mainstream machine learning technology stacks.

  • Microsoft is one of the market leaders in both machine learning and blockchain technologies.

    Microsoft decentralized real worlde

    Power Automate Desktop. By doing so, he has automated the mundane aspects of his own job and advanced his career. Learn from Jeff and Cameron on how they’re collaborating across IT and business units to scale rapid automation with the Power Platform.

    Speakers: Jeff Hiscock (IT Enterprise Architecture Manager, Pembina), Cameron Relke (Commercial Analyst, Pembina)

    Themes: Citizen development, Center of Excellence, IT + Business partnership

    Watch: link

    Hanover Insurance drives business and IT-led automation with Power Automate Desktop (RPA)

    With a mission to be the premier P&C franchise in the independent agency channel, Hanover Insurance is a leading provider of specialized property and casualty insurance products to individuals, families, and businesses.

    Other obstacles include a lack of information and logistical challenges including time and out-of-pocket expenses.

    It is clear that both the global pandemic and demonstrations for social justice across the U.S. last spring and summer have reinvigorated attention and efforts on the need for increased diversity in clinical trials. The industry produced two major commitments aimed at making clinical trials more equitable.

    In November, the FDA helped diversity take a full step forward by introducing new guidelines for making clinical trials more equitable.

    The guidance broadens eligibility criteria for clinical trials in an effort to increase participation of underrepresented groups.

    In phase IV, RWE can help determine additional safety signals or rare adverse effects.

    Digital advertising will be even more useful and effective as clinical trials aim to expand their pools of potential participants by using multiple sources of patients from large RWD repositories. This additional focus and availability of RWD will drive more study-ready patients to clinical trials and keep and greatly improve ROI of digital advertising spend.

    Decentralized Clinical Trials will have Profound Impact on Patient Engagement

    The pandemic’s impact on clinical trials cannot be overstated.

    The protocol provides the necessary infrastructure for prospects to launch Wrapped Security Tokens (WSP), representing real-world assets on Convergence. Notably, this protocol allows for the transfer of embedded economic value, which means the underlying value of a WSP token can be transferred from one token holder to another.

    Convergence offers additional features other than its proprietary issuance protocol, Including an Automated Market Maker (AMM) ‘ConvX’, liquidity pools (ConvPools), and a DAO governance ecosystem.
    The ConvX AMM is built on Ethereum and is set to migrate to Moonbeam with additional compatibility tools for other chains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This AMM allows WST owners to buy or sell their real-world tokenized assets – a process that is much simpler and faster through the smart contract infrastructure.

    This solution was built to enable banks to manage the program across a wide range of personas.

    Learn more: customer story

    EY – Mobility Pathway

    Moving employees from one part of the globe to another is a complex process involving immigration, compensation, case management, and more. The EY Mobility Pathway (EYMP/IML) integrated solution brings together mobility technologies and services into a single, end-to-end solution, utilizing the Power Platform and a custom-built portal, that delivers value to clients through reducing cost associated with employee mobility, while driving automation and consistent process execution for users across the mobile talent lifecycle.

    He is building Power Apps solutions, and actively teaching and enable others across the organization.

    Azure McFarlane is a Bioprocess Engineer turned Data Scientist. She created several Power Automate flows for processes such as managing adverse safety events.

    Azure also led creation and delivery of the Power Automate curriculum as part of the Power Platform Bootcamp at GSK.

    Jonathan Henkel is a Director of Academic Planning and Assessment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He built Power Apps solutions for the School of Human Ecology and has nurtured a growing “Builder’s Group” consisting of individuals from IT, HR, Advising Services and Academic Planning.

    Kristi McKenzie is an Office 365 Admin at Publix Supermarkets.

    With a background in SharePoint, InfoPath, and custom workflows, she has been building Power Platform solutions since 2018.

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