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This could also result in a transfer of hash rate dominance to another jurisdiction.

El Salvador, the first country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender, is already working on its own geothermal mining facilities, becoming the latest party in the so-called Bitcoin hash war.

So far, however, the trend is down. According to monitoring resources, Bitcoin’s hash rate is shrinking, with 10 exahashes per second (EH/s) wiped off in recent days.

Since the hash rate is an estimate, different sources have different numbers, with the current 113 EH/s representing roughly two-thirds of this year’s 168 EH/s all-time high.

Bitcoin network hash rate 7-day average chart.

This sent the price of BTC downwards by -10% as sentiment dropped from positive to negative over the next few hours. Twitter conversations surged by 75% in 24hrs.

Bitcoin Meme

Even a simple meme from Elon’s account can send the market in a new direction.

Immediately after this meme was posted, the price of BTC dropped 3%, eventually falling 8% within the 24hr period.
Investor sentiment once again went from being positive to negative.

Tesla Will Resume Bitcoin Payments When ~50% Clean Energy Usage by Miners

The most recent tweet from Elon that impacted the market in a positive manner was when he announced that Tesla would resume Bitcoin payments when there is ~50% clean energy usage by miners. Within 3 hours the price of BTC had surged by 5% before continuing to trend higher by 10% over the 24hr period.

The $40,000 battle is on

Traders waking up on Monday will be interested in one level in particular thanks to Bitcoin’s latest run-up.

Having waited for a decisive move during weeks of price compression, there is now a real chance that they will witness an attack on $40,000 and potentially higher.

This would be significant in itself — estimates broadly call for lower prices in the short term before a rebound, but Bitcoin has so far refused to conform.

“Should do 1 more leg up before I expect some correction,” popular trader Crypto Ed said on Monday morning.

“For now I only see an intra day trade set up on low TF.”

He added that he would be waiting for lower levels to hit before a possible entry trade but that in the meantime, BTC/USD could hit as high as $47,000.

Crypto Ed’s BTC/USD scenario as of June 14.

Microstrategy 40k elon musk tesla spacex and the quest for a fantastic future

He has used this metaphor at least a few times. One thing that statement has led people to believe is that Tesla may produce factories for other companies. In other words, aside from building its own gigafactories to build its own cars, trucks, and batteries, many have wondered if Tesla wouldn’t also become a “factory construction company” of sorts and help build gigafactories for others.

(Naturally, there would be a limit to this service since the factory would have to produce non-Tesla products.) I wanted to get some closure on this theory/speculation, so I asked Musk about it. “I know you’ve talked about the factory being the ‘product’ as well.

Microstrategy 40k elon musk tesla-3

WW to do so. Potentially promising.”

It is still unclear if he appeared to soften his stance against the environmental effect of mining the cryptocurrency. However, this tweet comes after his meeting with the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor along with “leading Bitcoin miners in North America,” where the group reportedly agreed to form a Bitcoin Mining Council which aimed to promote energy usage transparency, ramp up sustainability initiatives across the globe.

According to Saylor, the group included big industry names such as Argo Blockchain, Blockcap, Core Scientific, Galaxy Digital, Hive Blockchain Technologies, Hut 8 Mining, Marathon Digital Holdings, as well as representatives from Riot Blockchain.

Following this news, Bitcoin gained its first prominent uptick since the downfall.

Microstrategy 40k elon musk teslacigs

Commission (SEC) over “of Tesla al bitcoin bezat toen zijn tussenkomst op sociale media de prijzen deed stijgen”.

De media citeerde Doug Davison, een voormalig afdelingshoofd bij de SEC, die zei:

“It would not be surprising – given the focus on the chief executive’s tweets, bitcoin pricing and recent dramatic market moves – for the SEC to ask questions about the facts and circumstances here.”

Vitor Constâncio van de Europese Centrale Bank beweerde dat “wanneer Tesla deze investering had gedaan, werd niet bekendgemaakt” – een suggestie waarvan sommigen denken dat Musk misschien heeft geprobeerd de prijzen op te drijven ten behoeve van zijn bedrijf.

Ondertussen is een neppe Tesla-insider die de plannen van het bedrijf heeft ‘onthuld’ om bitcoin te accepteren op Reddit-dagen voordat het door Musk geleide bedrijf zijn grote BTC-onthulling deed, naar voren gekomen.

Autopilot labelers, Tesla’s battery engineers, Tesla’s solar roof engineers, or the software innovators who work every day to improve the machine that makes the machines, it might be worth considering that Elon can get into the weeds with all of them and mostly spends his time trying to clear up engineering bottlenecks or riddles in these different fields.

That might help to explain why so many top engineering students want to go work for Tesla and SpaceX. It is bound to be more fun working for an enthusiastic engineer than working for a big corporation where “The Man” is going to step on their neckties and not respect or understand their engineering mindset and workflow.

*There are actually various things you could consider Tesla’s top competitive advantage, and Elon Musk has used superlatives regarding different aspects of the business.

Not only did the number of tweets about Bitcoin increase by 25% in 24 hours, but the conversational tone (investor sentiment) became increasingly more positive, as The TIE’s Daily Sentiment Score increased by 87% from 42 (negative) to 75 (positive).

Tesla Suspends Bitcoin Payments

On the flipside, once Tesla suspended Bitcoin payments due to Elon’s concerns about the energy usage from miners, the price of BTC sold off hard. BTC dropped -13% within a few hours before consolidating and trending sideways.
Investor sentiment decreased from 43 (low) to 21 (very low) over the next 24hrs, with tweet volume increasing by 150% from 52k to 130k.

“Bitcoin is highly centralized and controlled by big miners”

Another bearish example is when Elon tweeted out that Bitcoin is highly centralized and controlled by big miners.

Investor sentiment remained positive as tweet volume increased by 20%.Michael Saylor — Bitcoin

Now let’s look at Michael Saylor’s tweets regarding Bitcoin. When plotting all of Saylor’s tweets on top of Bitcoin price, we can see that the majority of his tweets were during BTC’s run up from $11k to $60k.
Most of Saylor’s tweets are presented in a positive manner, whether it’s a post announcing MicroStrategy’s new BTC purchase or just him promoting the asset as a whole.

BTC has seen a 2.2% return on average over the 24hr period after Michael Saylor’s tweets. Additionally, investor sentiment (-0.8%) and tweet volume (4.1%) are typically impacted positively.

Most of Saylor’s tweets are announcements of MicroStrategy’s BTC purchases.

Autopilot engineers, Elon said: “The factory system already has more software than the car and will probably have an order of magnitude more long-term.”

Hmm. That came as a surprise. Admittedly, though, it was something I had never given a lot of thought to.

How many software engineers does it take to screw in a light bulb run a giant car factory, or a giant battery factory? A lot.
In the era of “the Internet of Things,” software must be a big deal in a giant factory, especially in factories built and operated by a Silicon Valley company. But it’s just not something that I had thought about, and when you’re in awe looking at the large, quick machines that are putting cars together, you don’t necessarily jump to thinking about the software that is controlling them and providing feedback to engineers throughout the process.

“People have no idea, especially in the US.

Elon Musk, the self-crowned Technoking of Tesla, won’t stop talking about Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency has recovered from its weekend blues and climbed above $37K. Bitcoin was still down by almost 20% over the past 24-hours but appeared to be in a consolidation between a tight range-bound below $40K.

This relief rally catapulted several major as well as small-cap altcoins from the bearish slumber.

After the recent market crash, Musk was at the receiving end of significant backlash, and accusations of him of being a “manipulator” who allegedly used his position and massive following to influence the cryptocurrency market started floating around. But that did not deter the Billionaire tycoon to stop.

In the latest tweet, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, said,

“Spoke with North American Bitcoin miners.

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