Minneapolis fed calls ponzi scheme

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Minneapolis fed calls ponzi scheme

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Minneapolis fed calls ponzi schemer

Instead, the Fed has victimized all citizens of this nation (and other Federal Reserve nations) and no one has been given any choice in the matter, because a gullible Congress decided the matter for us.

Furthermore, in a Ponzi scheme, victims lose their investments but are left with the money they did not invest, and this still has value. The Fed, however, keeps the money we give it, but because fiat money is a key element of the scam, it is continually being printed. As a result, the money we keep and save for ourselves loses value (to inflation) over time and will eventually be worth nothing.
Thus, under the Fed, not only do we lose the money we give it, we eventually lose all the money we have.

Minneapolis fed calls ponzi schemes

Adaschik reveals how the citizens of the United States have been played for fools over the past century. Very few Americans know anything about what is behind the events which have shaped our nation. Most of us assume that information provided by the mainstream news industry is the truth, however, on critical issues, we only get part of the story and a lot of important information is left out, deliberately shaping our perceptions of events and our society’s institutions.

This book is one man’s attempt to show Americans not just the trees, but the forest as well.

“One-Hundred Years of Deception” demonstrates that the U.S.
government was overthrown in 1913 by a group of conspirators who engineered passage of the Federal Reserve Act. Since then, these people have pulled the strings that made a nation dance.

Minneapolis fed calls ponzi schemers

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However, the companies provided Petters the appearance he needed to keep the scam going.

By the end of 2007, the conspirators were struggling to find new investors, and PCI was slow to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in promissory notes held by Lancelot Investment Management, which was operated by Greg Bell. Petters told Bell the slow payments were due to his retailers, who were late in paying him. As a result, Bell agreed to an extension on the payments so the notes would not go into default.

In February 2008, Bell and Petters agreed Bell would receive replacement purchase orders from other retailers for the purported purchase orders held by Lancelot. Bell suggested they also exchange money so it would appear that PCI was paying its notes.

Afterward, Petters hired White and gave him the title of chief financial officer of PCI. Among other things, White was responsible for fabricating retailer purchase orders and PCI financial records.

To further his scheme, Petters recruited purported vendors to assist him. In 2001, he asked business associates Larry Reynolds and Michael Catain to launder billions of dollars of investor funds through their business accounts and back to Petters and PCI.
Reynolds operated Nationwide International Resources, Inc. (NIR) and previously had conducted deals involving shoes and clothing with retailers, including Petters. In 2001, Petters asked Reynolds to allow him to wire money through Reynolds’s bank accounts in exchange for a percentage of the funds in “commission.”

Petters made a similar agreement with Catain.

fractional banking was born.“ [source]

Finally, similar to a Ponzi scheme, the eventual collapse of our economy is inevitable and when it does, the people of this nation will lose, not just their investments, but everything. Presently, we are experiencing the beginnings of this collapse and despite what Washington and the media tell us about a recovery, none will ever come unless we get out from under the Fed and its whirlpool of debt and inflation.

While the similarities between a Ponzi scheme and the Fed are such that it falls into the same category of crime, the truth of the matter is that the Fed is far more criminal and diabolical than a simple Ponzi scheme could ever be.

First of all, the victims of a Ponzi scheme are motivated by greed and make a deliberate choice to be a part of the scam.

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