Mozilla founder slams mozilla foundation for

Mozilla FoundationRechtsform:Non-Profit-OrganisationZweck:SoftwareherstellungVorsitz:Mitchell BakerBestehen:seit 15. Juli 2003Stifter:America OnlineStiftungskapital:2 Millionen US-DollarMitarbeiterzahl:etwa 1000[1]Sitz:Mountain View,

Die Mozilla Foundation ist eine US-amerikanischeNon-Profit-Organisation, die zur Unterstützung des Freie-Software-Projekts Mozilla ins Leben gerufen wurde. Die Organisation setzt fest, in welche Richtung die Entwicklung der Projekte fortgeführt wird, bietet eine grundlegende rechtliche Infrastruktur und kümmert sich um Marken und anderes geistiges Eigentum. Die Foundation besitzt eine Tochterfirma, die Mozilla Corporation, die einige Entwickler angestellt hat und die Versionen der Projekte Firefox und Thunderbird koordiniert.

Rather, it is dedicated to the public benefit goal at the heart of the Mozilla project, which is to keep the Internet open and available to everyone.”

The broad adoption of Mozilla Firefox has created significant economic value both in Firefox itself and in a commercial ecosystem that is developing around Firefox.

This economic value is an unintended but real by-product of the Mozilla project’s overriding goal of providing a Web browser with enough marketshare to drive open standards on the Web. Carefully managed, this value — and the resulting ability to generate revenue — can be used to make the Mozilla project self-sustaining and help keep the Internet open and diverse.

“The Mozilla Foundation’s spirit and philosophy will be very much alive in the new organizational model.

Mozilla founder slams mozilla foundation for civil society

Sie hat ihren Sitz in Mountain View im Silicon Valley in Kalifornien.

Die Mozilla Foundation beschreibt sich selbst als eine „gemeinnützige Organisation, gewidmet der Wahrung der Wahlmöglichkeiten und der Innovation im Internet“.

Geschichte[Bearbeiten|Quelltext bearbeiten]

Am 23. Februar 1998 rief das US-amerikanische Unternehmen Netscape Communications die Mozilla Organisation ins Leben, um die Mozilla Application Suite in ihrer Entwicklung zu koordinieren. Die Organisation bestand fast nur aus Netscape-Angestellten, obwohl sie theoretisch von der Firma unabhängig war.

Die Mozilla Organisation behauptete, den Mozilla-Browser nur zu Testzwecken zu betreiben, und nicht für Endnutzer.

Mozilla founder slams mozilla foundation form

The Mozilla Foundation was launched two years ago in recognition of the importance of maintaining the vitality of the Mozilla project and its technology. Since then the Mozilla Foundation has seen unprecedented success, with its flagship product Mozilla Firefox approaching a 10 percent share of worldwide Internet usage and surpassing 75 million downloads. Mozilla Firefox has struck a chord with consumers worldwide, advancing their experience on the Web and reinforcing the importance of maintaining an open Internet.

“The formation of the Mozilla Corporation gives the Mozilla Foundation new capabilities for becoming even more successful in delivering innovative open source end-user products,” said Mitchell Baker, president of Mozilla Corporation.
“The Mozilla Corporation is not a typical commercial entity.

Mozilla Foundation juga menjadi lebih tegas terhadap properti intelektual mereka, dengan kebijakan pemakaian merek dagang dan logo Mozilla. Proyek baru seperti pemasaran pun dimulai.

Dengan pembentukan Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Foundation menyerahkan seluruh pengembangan mereka dan hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan bisnis kepada anak perusahaan baru tersebut. Mozilla Foundation saat ini fokus pada masalah kebijakan dan penguasaan properti, meskipun dengan tetap memantau proyek-proyek yang belum “diprodukkan”, seperti Camino dan SeaMonkey.
Mozilla Foundation memegang kepemilikan merek dagang Mozilla dan properti intelektual lainnya dengan dilisensikan kepada Mozilla Corporation.

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  • Catatan tambahan[sunting|sunting sumber]

    • “Mozilla Foundation Forms New Organization to Further the Creation of Free, Open Source Internet Software, Including the Award-Winning Mozilla Firefox Browser”. Mozilla Press Center. Diakses tanggal 2005-08-03.

    北京谋智网络技术有限公司), alias Mozilla China, adalah sebuah anak perusahaan penuh milik Mozilla Corporation[9] yang berpusat di Beijing, Tiongkok.

    Pendanaan[sunting|sunting sumber]

    Mozilla Foundation menerima donasi sebagai sumber pendanaan. Bersama dengan donasi awal AOL sebesar 2 juta dolar, Mitch Kapor memberi $300.000 kepada yayasan saat pertama kali diluncurkan. Yayasan Mozilla Foundation memiliki status bebas pajak dibawah IRC 501(c)(3) dalam undang-undang perpajakan Amerika Serikat, walaupun Mozilla Corporation sendiri sebagai anak perusahaan mereka adalah subyek pajak.

    Pada 2006, Mozilla Foundation menerima 66,8 juta USD dari pendapatan dengan 61,5 juta USD diperoleh dari “royalti pencarian” Google.[10]

    Yayasan ini memiliki kesepakatan dengan Google untuk membuat Google sebagai mesin pencari Firefox secara default, baik di halaman utama maupun dalam search bar.

    Dogecoin’s creator slams Mozilla Firefox

    Image Source: U. Today

    Billy Markus, Dogecoin’s creator slams Mozilla Firefox after the platform suggested that adopting the cryptocurrency DOGE was equivalent to joining a Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been chastised for the environmental damage they have created.

    In his Twitter account, Markus mentioned the following:

    thank you for succumbing to an ignorant, reactionary internet mob

    wait till them guys hear about the environmental cost of paper dollars and the entire banking infrastructure, i am sure they will have the same level of meltdown about their own constant environmental impact

    — Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) January 7, 2022

    “Thank you for giving in to a regressive, stupid internet crowd.

    Participants in the Mozilla project — both individual volunteers and commercial entities contributing the work product of their employees — will not experience any difference in the way the Mozilla code is developed, verified and incorporated into releases. The development methodology for Mozilla products, which is the result of many years of experience, did not change with the creation of the Mozilla Foundation two years ago, and will not change with the creation of the Mozilla Corporation.

    Mozilla Foundation’s Board of Directors will now include Mitch Kapor, Brian Behlendorf, Mitchell Baker, Brendan Eich, and Joichi Ito; Chris Blizzard of Red Hat leaves the Foundation Board to join the board of Mozilla Corporation.

    After several years of development, Mozilla 1.0, the first major version, was released in 2002. This version featured many improvements to the browser, email client and other applications included in the suite, but not many people were using it. By 2002, well over 90% of internet users were browsing with Internet Explorer.
    Not many people noticed at the time, but the first version of Phoenix (later renamed to Firefox) was also released by Mozilla community members that year with the goal of providing the best possible browsing experience to the widest possible set of people.

    In 2003, the Mozilla project created the Mozilla Foundation, an independent non-profit organization supported by individual donors and a variety of companies.

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