Nonfungible 3.5b nft nba top shot

nonfungible 3.5b nft nba top shot

We’re fans and we love it,” she said.

How does NBA Top Shot work?

NBA Top Shot allows users to buy, sell, and collect NBA NFTs that showcase influential “Moments” minted on the FLOW blockchain. Some Moments are rarer than others, with the rarest versions being worth the most.

Moments are minted in “Packs,” much like you’d expect from physical trading cards. Packs are minted in Sets as part of a Series. The timeline of each Series runs concurrently with the NBA season. As a result, each week or so, users can purchase new digital packs of NFT Moments that showcase the season’s most significant plays. Although pack drops are driven by the current season’s events, legacy fans needn’t worry about missing out on owning their favorite plays from the past. There is ample opportunity to collect retroactive Moments.

This increases the rarity of specific Moments and, as a result, the financial value.

Top Shop opened the platform to a select few early supporters for beta testing in June 2020. By October of the same year, it was open to the public.

Caty Tedman, head of partnerships at Dapper Labs explained during SportsPro Live that the development was a fan-led process. “We didn’t have any revenue targets when we launched Top Shot into the closed beta. We wanted to build something that’s really sticky, that people will want to come back to every day and feels endemic to basketball fandom.

I think we did that. We started from a fan perspective, so it was hard for fans not to love it.

Nonfungible 3.5b nft nba top shot

Epic Games《堡垒之夜》(Fortnite)2019年的收入高达42亿美元,其中很大一部分收入来自“皮肤”这一完全数字化产品。




Main NFT Platforms

根据Nonfungible数据测算,2021Q2 NFT二级市场交易额呈现增长态势。其中一级市场是在资产发行阶段进行交易,二级市场中P2P交易为主。二级市场占主导地位的情况反映出NFT市场正在趋于成熟。主要的NFT二级市场包括:



Nifty Gate way:NFT交易类别包括加密艺术品、游戏NFT物品等;

Myth Market:数字收藏卡交易平台;

Enjin Marketplace:主要交易游戏NFT物品;

Openlake: 全球首家主打音乐/视频等的NFT平台,采用了NFT+HLS加密和Trickle Down的版权保护机制。


Nonfungible 3.5b nft nba top shot-mix

These come in two overarching categories: Base and Non-Base.

Base Sets are exactly what they sound like: high edition sizes released regularly and at an affordable price (usually $9 each). Base Sets are dropped in order of Series and release – i.e.
Series 1 had 12 releases. These typically always fall in the Common rarity category and contain three basic Moments that are great for those just starting out or those who are looking to round out a collection.

Non-Base Sets, on the other hand, come in all sorts of different variations. Non-Base sets will always contain a Common Moment, but also something Rare and/or Legendary.
Non-Base set packs like “Playoffs,” “Premium Pack,” and “Run It Back” can all be differentiated by their much flashier packaging.

Nonfungible 3.5b nft nba top shota

OpenSea – 全球最大的NFT交易平台



2. SuperRare – 专攻NFT艺术品交易



NFT Market Overview


Nonfungible 3.5b nft nba top shotta

And an NBA Top Shot Moment of a LeBron James highlight sold for $387,600 in April of 2021.

The future of NBA Top Shot

The future is looking bright for the Top Shot platform. While the overall NFT marketplace experienced a slowdown throughout the start of 2022, Top Shot NFT sales were up some 70%.

In February 2022, Dapper Labs announced the launch of the NBA All-Star VIP Pass NFT Auction and Giveaway hosted by Top Shot.
The auction included 30 unique NFTs and exclusive digital collectibles representing every NBA team. These grant each owner a VIP pass for the ultimate fan experience at the next five NBA All-Stars.
Dapper Labs CEO, Roham Gharegozlou, has also tweeted about all sorts of possibilities for Moment owners including signed merch, VIP tickets, voting on new Moments, and more.


NFT交易额在2021年迎来爆发,总市值突破300亿美元。根据DappRadar统计,NFT市场于2021年上半年的销售额达到25亿美元(约合161.6亿人民币),远高于2020年上半年的1370万美元。其中,2021年4月至5月间,日交易额最高可达1.01亿美元。区块链分析网站Coingecko最新数据显示,当前NFT总市值已经突破300亿美元。截至2021年9月,市值排名前三的NFT通证分别为Theta Network(71亿美元)、Axie Infinity(42亿美元)、Chiliz(20亿美元)。



Meaning if LeBron is wearing #23 in the Moment, mint #23 will likely have just as much value as the #1 mint from the pack.

In the Top Shot marketplace, you’ll see either a CC or LE underneath the name of the Moment. CC stands for “Circulating Count” and is the number of editions of that Moment currently in circulation.

These Moments can be considered an open edition. There is no cap on the amount that can be minted, and they will continue to be sold until they expire. LE stands for “Limited Edition,” meaning these Moments are finite and usually in lower quantities (50, 100, 750, etc.
edition sizes).

Of course, these are also pricier.

How are Top Shot Moments valued?

In NFTs and trading cards alike, scarcity will obviously always be a major factor in value. Top Shot makes it easy at a glance to discern what Moments are more scarce than others.

Moment Ranks can also be incredibly helpful in determining the value of your Moment. Further, Evaluate.Market is great for tracking portfolio and Moment value over time.

Typically, low (1 – 99) and perfect (100/100) mint numbers always fetch a higher price.

This was true for trading card valuation and is definitely still true in NFTs. Vanity numbers like 69, 420, 888, etc. are also very highly coveted.

However, it’s an especially big win when you get a mint number that matches the jersey number of a player.

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What are NBA Top Shot Moments?

Moments are video highlights that are separated into four categories: Common Moments, Fandom Moments, Rare Moments, and Legendary Moments. There is also an Ultimate rarity, but this class of highly coveted Moments is only attainable via auction with an edition size of one or three.

Here’s a breakdown of how each works:

  • Common: 96.6% of total moments. These are the largest edition sizes and are intended to be “shared, collective experiences for fans across the world.” They are easy to get and widely available.

    For example, there is Carmelo Anthony’s three-pointer. There are 40,000 NFT Moments in circulation.

  • Fandom: There’s no set percentage for Fandom NFTs in Top Shots, a these are based on special experiences that correlate with specific events.

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