Polygon to ethereum bridge fees

If the burn transaction is still pending, you may be able to facilitate a cancellation via the following guides


My transaction is stuck.​

We have listed some common errors that the users might face. You can find the solution below the image of the error. In case you’re shown a different error, please raise a support ticket for our team to troubleshoot.

  • Common Errors​

    a. Withdrawal stuck on the Initialised phase.

    This normally occurs when the transaction gets replaced and the wallet web application is not able to detect the replaced transaction hash. Please follow the instructions on https://polygon-withdraw.matic.network/ and complete your withdrawal.

    b. RPC Error

    The current RPC error you’re facing might be due to an RPC overload.

    Please try changing your RPC and proceed with the transaction.

Polygon to ethereum bridge fees

Of course, if you know a very promising NFT project that uses Ethereum, swapping tokens there can be very profitable. Subsequently, having high fee costs upfront can be worth it in the end.

On the other hand, many new crypto enthusiasts are entering this NFT market on a daily basis and are willing to trade NFTs on other crypto platforms.
As a result of this, several new crypto networks like Polygon are showing huge growth in trading volume as well.

So why should you use Polygon instead of Ethereum when shopping NFTs? Firstly, transactions on Polygon are very cheap where you pay 10 times less in gas fees. Additionally, the OpenSea platform also connects to Polygon where you can keep the same user experience.

Another reason to use Polygon for NFTs instead of Ethereum is the fast processing of transactions.

Polygon to eth bridge fee

Also, you want to avoid burning your money on high ETH gas fees when dealing with NFTs on Ethereum.

Consequently, the cheapest way to trade NFTs will be to buy MATIC right away. Therefore, it’s best to sign up at a crypto exchange like Binance or Kucoin to start your journey.

Choosing the right exchange depends on your location in the world and maybe the fiat currency you have to deposit.
To summarize, what are the steps if you need to buy crypto first? In short the process:

  • Deposit USD/EUR to Binance or Kucoin
  • Swap USD/EUR for Bitcoin(BTC)
  • Trade BTC for MATIC coins
  • Withdraw MATIC to Polygon wallet
  • Start trading NFTs on Polygon

Final words

Shopping NFTs on the Polygon blockchain is a very good alternative if you want to avoid paying high gas fees on Ethereum.

Polygon to ethereum bridge gas fee

Meaning, there is a liquidity pool on the networks on both sides of the transaction.

For instance, if you sent funds into the liquidity pool on the starting network the bridge sends their funds immediately back to you from the liquidity pool on the destination network. A small fee is paid by you who are migrating assets, of which a percentage is given to liquidity providers of the bridge on the destination network.

All in all, this modern and innovative bridging functionality leads to ultrafast transactions with extremely low fees 👍

How to use Polygon for shopping NFTs if you don’t own ETH yet?

Are you still interested in trading NFTs but don’t own any crypto(ETH) yet? In that case, you have to start at the very beginning which is buying crypto with fiat(USD or EURO).

If you have not yet completed any of these, please click here to view our guides.

When you sign in to NFT platforms such as Rarible, they often have a wide array of projects across a range of blockchains and networks. As a result, you must have the appropriate currencies for the projects you want to purchase.

Some exchanges, like Binance, offer the ability to choose which network within your wallet you want to send your crypto to.
Others such as Coinbase, there is no such option. As a result, your currencies may be almost unusable without moving them to the proper network.

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways that this can be done.

This will cost a one-time gas fee, but after that, you’re on Polygon, so gas is basically free!

You can bridge MATIC in a similar way, or convert the WETH you bridged to Polygon to MATIC via a Polygon-based decentralized exchange (DEX). Please do your own research before using a DEX, or bridging any ERC-20 tokens to Polygon, and make sure you understand the process.

Now you’ve got funds on Polygon—but what can you do there? Here’s a few things you can do on Polygon on Rarible:

Mint NFTs

To turn your artwork into NFTs and list them for sale, the process is essentially identical to minting via Ethereum, you’ll just have to select Polygon after clicking “Create” on Rarible.com’s homepage.

Therefore, I’ll assume that you have some experience in dealing with a regular trading engine. If not, read this trading guide for beginners at Binance first.

What are the next steps from here? As mentioned earlier, you need to swap your deposited ETH for MATIC tokens.

At Binance you have several options for doing this and I’ll leave this to you.

After the trade ETH to MATIC has taken place, you need to withdraw these MATIC tokens to a Polygon wallet. Additionally, you can use your Metamask wallet for this where you just have to add Polygon as a new network.

More on this can be found here.

At this stage, you are ready and set for shopping NFTs on Polygon 💪


You have to first withdraw from Polygon to Ethereum and then send it to your exchange address (unless your exchange/wallet explicitly supports the network).

I made a mistake of sending funds to an exchange/wallet directly. Can you help?​

Unfortunately, we can not assist in such cases.

Please don’t send funds directly to exchanges that support only Ethereum, you have to first withdraw from Polygon to Ethereum and then send it to your exchange address.

My transaction is pending for too long, what can I do?​

Transactions on the blockchain might be dropped due to a low gas price being set when submitting the transaction. They may also be dropped when there is a sudden surge in the gas price due to congestion on Ethereum.

Another possibility is that you might have canceled the transaction from your wallet or replaced the transaction.

That generally clears out the problem of an insufficient balance.

If this is a transaction on the Polygon mainnet, we’ll require that you have sufficient amount of matic tokens.

How do I bridge assets across chains?​

https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge/ (ETH <- Polygon)https://xpollinate.io/ (BSC <- Polygon <- xDai)https://exchange.chainswap.com/ (ETH <- Polygon/BSC)https://anyswap.exchange/bridge (ETH <- Polygon <- BSC/xDai)https://app.0.exchange/#/home(ETH <- Polygon <- Avalanche <- BSC)

To add, we do not endorse any external services, please make sure to always do your own research

I made a transfer to the wrong address. How do I retrieve the funds?​

Unfortunately, nothing can be done.

Click the button for “ether” to make your selection.

Here you will see your available currencies on the network and the amount you have available.

Select “Matic” to proceed.

You can then decide how many tokens you want to send between networks. We will send my total amount for this guide, so I will tap “Max.” However, this may differ for you, so you can always enter a custom amount.

Once you have decided this, click the purple, centralised “Transfer” button below.

You will then receive a pop-up that shares important information regarding your transaction, including what is and is not supported.

Once you have read this information, click “Continue” in the bottom right of the pop-up.
If you are unsure at this point, you can cancel the transaction without charge.

You will then be presented with an overview of your transaction.

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