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Gamification Techniques – Reddit!

Reddit is an online community wherein the users can post content, comments. To engage with Reddit and participate in this platform individuals can either sign up as users or initiate their own community by creating a subreddit.

Having millions of daily visitors, Reddit boasts of being the 9th most popular site in the world and 7th most popular site in the US!

Working Mechanism of Reddit


Reddit has several sub-communities called Subreddits. A subreddit is simply a subdivision of Reddit wherein the content relating to a specific interest or topic is posted.

Creating a subreddit in Reddit is a quite simple task. For this, a Reddit account and a minimum number of positive karma points are required. Karma points are discussed in-depth, later in this article. Subreddits cater to a wide arena of diverse interests. The users can subscribe to these subreddits.

Management of Subreddits

Subreddits are managed by a volunteer team of moderators. If a user starts his own subreddit, he would automatically become one of the moderators. The creator would decide the further moderators for his subreddit.

The supervision of the entire website is done by the admins. Admins have a red icon similar to the Reddit mascot next to their username on their profile page and on their posts and comments.

Admin is a job position, these administrators are directly recruited by the Reddit team. These employees of Reddit can undertake a variety of tasks such as communicating the updations and enforcing Reddit’s rules and Content Policy. They are responsible for the effective running of the platform.


Gamification refers to the application of game-design elements, mechanics, and principles in non-game contexts. Gamification motivates and stimulates people to undertake the tasks effectively.

Gamification would play a pivotal role in enhancing user retention and community engagement. The gamification techniques coupled with the incentivization schemes would definitely prove to be a miracle for the governance, community management, and sustainability of the DAOs.

It would boost the motivation of the DAO members for productive and consistent participation in the protocol governance. They would be eager to share constructive measures for the platform.

Gamification in Reddit

Reddit sets an example for the DAOs by a sagacious use of gamification techniques.

In this section, we would observe how Reddit uses gamification techniques and how the DAOs can take inspiration from them and implement such mechanisms in order to enhance their user base, increase engagement and incentivize the community.

Karma Points

Somewhat similar to scoring points in the Video Games, karma points are awarded to the users for posting comments and submission of links and posts which attract more upvotes.

According to Reddit, Karma points reflect how much good the user has done for the Reddit community. These points are visible next to the username. The exact mechanism and algorithm for the calculation of Karma points are not revealed by Reddit.

Karma ensures that the best possible content is depicted to the users. Here is how karma works-

A post in Reddit can either be upvoted or downvoted by the users which are associated with accumulating positive and negative karma respectively. Positive karma increases the number of points in a post and negative karma decreases the same.

In Reddit, there are two methods of earning Karma points-

  1. Via Posts – When a user posts something and it gets upvoted, one point of karma is gained. Posting relevant, interesting, thought-provoking, informative, professional, and entertaining content that resonates with the community is the best way to earn Karma points.
  2. Via comments – Another way to earn Reddit Karma is by commenting on popular posts with insightful inquiries, answers, helpful feedback, and remarks! Upvoting and downvoting features are available here as well. The vote depends on how relevant they are to the post. The admins and the moderators can report and remove abusive comments.
  3. By posting Links – This is the simplest and the fastest way to earn Karma. The users can simply post relevant and useful links in the subreddit and earn a handsome amount of Karma points.

An interesting point to note here is that these Karma points have no intrinsic value in monetary terms and neither can they be exchanged for anything. However, users still wish to have high karma points and for this, they effectively engage, actively comment and provide quality content to Reddit. The DAOs can introduce a somewhat similar mechanism to engross their members at the next level.

Reddit Coins

Reddit portrays some brilliant examples of gamification to encourage knowledge-sharing, effective participation, sustainable promotion, and mutual collaboration on a public forum. The Reddit coin is another such example.

Reddit coins are community rewards for the commendable contributions of users to the site. They are virtual goods with no intrinsic value which can be used to award exemplary posts or comments. They serve as an effective incentive for deserving content creators.

The users can get Reddit coins by commenting on posts, sharing links, or answering questions posed to them.

The coins can be traded for karma points. They can also be given to any other Reddit user for their helpful or insightful content. Reddit coins do not expire, they stay in the account until the user awards them to someone.

A content creator can get Reddit coins if he is awarded Gold or Platinum. Reddit coins can also be bought. The coins also come with a Reddit premium subscription.

Reddit Awards

Providing virtual rewards is a salient technique of gamification. This instills a sense of accomplishment and a willingness to contribute to the platform in the users.

Awards in Reddit include Silver, Gold, and Platinum, which can be given by the users to one another for recognizing, acknowledging, highlighting and appreciating high quality content.

Giving an award costs Reddit Coins. The practice of awarding a post is referred to as “gilding.”Gilded posts and comments are usually more visible on the homepage of the subreddit and eventually receive more upvotes which are further associated with having more Karma points.

These awards are represented next to the name and come with some perks too!

If a user receives a silver award, he just gets the silver icon next to his name. If a gold award is received, the user will get a week of Reddit premium along with 100 coins which can be used to give someone silver. If a user receives a platinum award, he gets a month of Reddit premium along with 700 coins which can be used to award other users with silver or gold.

Awarding silver, gold, or platinum, it costs 100, 500, and 1800 coins, respectively.

Reddit Trophies

Trophies are the badges that appear next to the names in Reddit. They are awarded for posting good links, writing a comment, writing something interesting, contributing a photograph, etc. Each night, the trophies are calculated and the winners listed on the honor roll.

Also, each winner receives a trophy on their user page as a token of accomplishment. In the quest to earn trophies and get their name listed on the honor roll, the members post high quality professional content and contribute to the platform. The DAOs can also implement such measures to allure and influence their users for effective governance.

Community Points – Crypto awards in Reddit!

Reddit first introduced crypto token rewards in December 2019, when it launched “Donuts” which was an Ethereum-based token reward in the r/Ethtrader subreddit. Thereafter, in May 2020, the platform expanded the reward program onto the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit with “Moons” and r/FortniteBR with “Bricks” on an Ethereum testnet. Now, Reddit is planning to add this crypto reward feature to all the subreddits as an optional addition.

Reddit may soon convert users’ karma points into Ethereum-based (ERC-20) tokens and onboard 500 million new crypto users in the process, according to a newly hired Reddit engineer – A report published on Cointelegraph

With the inculcation of blockchain technology, Reddit aims to establish autonomy for communities in a decentralized and secure way. The community points will be independent of Reddit just like the decentralized autonomous organizations! These points, being highly flexible, can be customized with the community’s own name, symbol, distribution rules, and uses.

As of now, The Community Points program is being implemented on the Rinkeby testnet version of the Ethereum blockchain. Reddit, in the future, is planning to shift on the Ethereum mainnet using Ethereum layer-two scaling solution Arbitrum. After the reward system moves to the mainnet, the rewarded tokens are likely to be able to be swapped, held or traded on various crypto trading platforms similar to any other ERC-20 token.

Once this beta program goes live, the users and moderators can request the Community Points feature to be added to their subreddit.

“Special Memberships,” could be created by each subreddit that participates in this program. These memberships would be available for purchase by the members and would unlock features such as badges, GIFs, and animated emojis.

Policy to control spamming and unauthorized content

Reddit’s goal is to provide an enriching experience to the users. Thus, Reddit has appropriate teams and technology to prohibit spamming and other unethical activities.

According to the provisions of Reddit, unscrupulous acts can be regulated by enforcing specific rules in the subreddits.

For instance –

  1. Penalization– People can be penalized for spamming too many posts or comments. For example, making more than n number of posts or comments a day reduces Point earnings by a certain percentage for that month.
  2. Condition for earning points– It can be made compulsory to become a member for a specific period of time in order to earn the community points. In that case, new accounts would behave well to stay in the community, otherwise, they will not earn Points.

Each subreddit can flexibly customize the rules, so they can be modified in accordance to the specific needs of your community.

Moreover, the moderators and administrators work consistently to ensure that such acts like spamming are strictly prohibited. They also possess the power to ban such users.


We have observed that Reddit has efficiently used gamification techniques in order to boost user retention, member participation, and website growth. The DAOs can take inspiration from these gamification models and come up with their own creative ideas! This would definitely put the DAOs into a highly advantageous position!


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