Richard stallman speaks cryptocurrency gnu taler

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richard stallman speaks cryptocurrency gnu taler

When I pay the electric bill and the gas bill, well I have an account with those businesses and I have to pay it. They send me bills with my name on it, so I don’t lose anything by sending them checks with my name on them too. But, when I go to a store and buy something, the store has no right to know who I am. And I won’t let it know who I am, so I don’t use the existing digital payment systems.

There is one other thing I don’t like about Bitcoin, and that is that it is easy to use for tax evasion. Now, I don’t do that, but there are businesses that do tremendous amounts of tax evasion, and it is a big problem. It impoverishes most of us. It means the government doesn’t have enough money to do the things the government should be doing.


Dr. Richard Stallman is well-known for his free software movement activism. His speeches and work revolve around a term: freedom.
And it is precisely that word that prompted Stallman to launch the GNU Project, founding the Free Software Foundation and releasing the GNU General Public License, among other projects, to promote the free software concept.

RMS, as Dr. Stallman is also known, has some opinions regarding the concept of cryptocurrencies that have been widely discussed within the crypto community.

Three freedoms

To understand the concept of freedom Stallman often mentions in his speeches, he explains the difference between “free software” and “open source,” as the latter term is often wrongly attributed to his work:

“The idea of free software is a matter of right and wrong.

It has vocal support from GNU Project founder Richard Stallman.[11] Stallman has described the program as “designed to be anonymous for the payer, but payees are always identified.”[12] In a paper published in Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering, GNU Taler is described as meeting ethical considerations – the paying customer is anonymous while the merchant is identified and taxable.[13][14] An implementation is provided by Taler Systems SA.[15][16]

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I therefore ask people not to put photos of me on Facebook; you can do likewise.

Of course, Facebook is bad for many other reasons as well.

Boycott Harry Potter Books, Movies, etc.

Internet Music EULAS

Business Supremacy Treaties

Countries to Stay Away From

No national identity cards

I’d like to make a list of countries that do not require a national identity card, and have no plans to adopt one. If you live in or have confirmed knowledge of such a country, please send email to rms at

Here’s my list of countries with no national ID cards and no plans for one: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK.

And that can require getting private information from people and about people.”

Stallman also calls for laws that restrict the use of face recognition cameras in the streets or license plate recognition cameras, putting the United States as a case of implementing surveillance methods:

“We need laws restricting the use of such cameras to make sure that databases that track people around the city as they move around cannot be collected. Any systematic attempt to recognize people other than people subject to specific court orders, perhaps, a limited exception because their limits are safe for society.
They will not lead to general repression.

In fact, it is supported by Richard Stallman.

Unlike Bitcoin, GNU Taler is not a crypto-currency, but a payment system designed to be used for anonymous business cancellations.

In addition, the payer uses a signature or token, one needed with each purchase, to get money from the system. So it’s an alternative to Bitcoin?

Meanwhile, according to an article published in Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering, GNU Taler is described as complying with ethical considerations.

The paying customer is anonymous, while the merchant is identified and taxed.

GNU Taler is not a crypto currency

Richard Matthew Stallman, say you can use your bank account to get tokens from Taler.

You’ll be able to get a Taler token from your bank, or a whole bunch of Taler tokens, and then you’ll be able to use those to pay anonymously.

Then if the store can send the thing you bought to a delivery box in your neighborhood, the store doesn’t ever have to know who you are.

But there’s another issue Stallman touched on earlier in his talk: There is a proposed U.S. law called KOSA which would require mandatory age-verification of users — which means mandatory identification of users, which is likely to mean via face recognition. And it would be in every commercial software application or electronic service that connects to the internet….
[It’s] supposedly for protecting children. That’s one of the favorite excuses for surveillance and repression: to protect the children. Whether it would actually protect anyone is dubious, but they hope that won’t actually be checked….

Now he quits top roles amid rape remarks outcry”.

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    There are a lot of things we need the government to do to have a society that is good for everybody.

    Cointelegraph: What about various Bitcoin modifications designed for privacy?

    Richard Stallman: I am not convinced about them. In any case, the GNU project has developed something much better, which is GNU Taler.

    GNU Taler is not a cryptocurrency. It is not a currency at all. It is a payment system designed to be used for anonymous payments to businesses to buy something.

    It is anonymous through a blind signature for the payer. However, the payee has to identify itself for every purchase in order to get money out of the system. So the idea is you can use your bank account to get Taler Tokens, and you can spend them and the payee won’t be able to tell who you are.

    That’s the approach that has to replace data protection.”

    This Q&A has been lightly edited for context.

    Cointelegraph: What’s your personal experience with cryptocurrency? Have you ever held or transacted something like Bitcoin?

    Richard Stallman: The answer is no. I don’t do any kind of digital payments, and the reason is the systems that exist do not respect the user’s privacy, and that includes Bitcoin.

    Every Bitcoin transaction is published. Now, people might not know that my wallet belongs to me, but if I used it more than a few times it would be possible to figure out that it’s me. People with enough information could do so. I’d rather use cash.

    And that’s how I buy things.

    I do mail checks for a number of things where businesses know who I am.

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