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To bring investors and opportunities together, Securitize has pioneered a fully-digital, regulatory compliant, end-to-end platform for issuing digital asset securities, managing them and facilitating their trading to provide liquidity.

The successful Series B raise builds upon Securitize’s recent launch of an asset management subsidiary, Securitize Capital, and its two inaugural cryptocurrency yield funds. The round also follows Securitize enabling digital wallet company Exodus to raise a record $75 million in Reg A+ compliant Series A funding, and a build-out of new executive hires across sales, marketing, operations, and legal/compliance.

“Securitize developed incredible partners during our Series A round last year, both in venture capital and at major European and Japanese financial institutions. That they have been joined in our Series B by a major U.S.

U.S. regulatory framework,” said Securitize CEO Carlos Domingo. “Brett has dedicated his career to understanding, explaining, and shaping capital markets and the regulatory landscape in a way that is efficient, fair, and protects investors. As Securitize continues developing regulated, digitized financial products and trading of digital asset securities, our company and board will benefit tremendously from Brett’s perspective and guidance.”

Digital asset securities is the term regulators use to describe securities tokenized, issued and with all trading activity permanently recorded on a blockchain such as Ethereum, Algorand, Avalanche or others.

“Securitize is a fully-regulated, digital asset securities firm,” Domingo added.

San Francisco, CA —

Securitize, Inc., the regulated platform for issuing and trading digital asset securities, announced today that Brett Redfearn has joined the company’s leadership team as Senior Strategic Advisor to Chief Executive Officer Carlos Domingo, and will also serve as Chairman of the company’s Advisory Board.

Prior to joining Securitize, Redfearn served as Director of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Trading and Markets, where he oversaw initiatives critical to the efficient and fair functioning of the trading markets and protection of investors. He also previously served in a variety of capital markets leadership roles for J.P.

VCs, demonstrates that confidence in the adoption of digital asset securities is increasingly mainstream,” said Securitize CEO and co-founder Carlos Domingo .

“Blockchain Capital has been a believer in digital asset securities ever since we issued one of the first security tokens in 2017 and Securitize, who we were an early investor in, has emerged as the unquestioned leader in this growing space,” said Blockchain Capital co-founder and Managing Partner Brad Stephens, who also serves on Securitize’s Board of Directors. “Blockchain Capital is proud to build upon our early investment in Securitize and to partner with Morgan Stanley and other leaders who understand the central role Securitize will play in the future of alternative assets and digital asset securities.”

“Our first investment in the blockchain industry is the leading digital asset securities firm, Securitize.

Arca to provide ‘40 Act-compliant digital funds, and after raising $48 million in Series B funding in a June round co-led by Morgan Stanley and Blockchain Capital, with investment stakes tokenized using the Securitize platform.

“Blockchain holds incredible promise in addressing limitations inherent in today’s capital markets, including broader access to capital and investment opportunities, a fairer and more level playing field, fractional ownership, nearly instantaneous clearing and settlement, transparent record-keeping, and entirely new kinds of products,” said Redfearn.

“I have great respect for Securitize and its leadership because they have built a business that both realizes the benefits of blockchain technology and also understands and operates squarely within the existing regulatory framework and securities laws.

Pedro Teixeira , Co-Head of Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing. “We make long-term investments in businesses and asset classes that are ahead of the curve. Our investment in Securitize is a sign that we believe in the growth and adoption of digital asset securities.”

“On top of the security token issuance we announced in March, our investment in Securitize further strengthens our partnership with one of the most commercially-used and technologically-advanced digital asset security solutions,” said Kazuteru Wakao , Executive Officer and General Manager of the Wholesale Business Planning Department for Japan’s Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

SFOX, Chairman of Concept Art House

  • Donna Redel: Professor of blockchain and digital assets at Fordham University Law School, former Chairwoman of COMEX, CIO of Prudential Securities, and Managing Director of the World Economic Forum
  • Manolo Sanchez: Fannie Mae Board Member, as well as former CEO of BBVA Compass
  • James Wallis: Founder, 7e4 LLC, former Vice President of Blockchain at IBM
  • In addition to his role on Securitize’s executive team, Redfearn also plans to advise other firms within the blockchain ecosystem in support of furthering the development and adoption of digital asset securities.

    About Securitize

    Securitize is a digital asset securities marketplace with a mission to provide investors with access to invest in and trade alternative investments, and for companies to raise capital and offer shareholder’s liquidity.

    Ripple and SPiCE VC.

    Securitize brings together businesses seeking to raise capital with individuals and institutions seeking to invest in the private capital markets through its fully-digital, regulatory compliant, end-to-end blockchain platform for issuing digital asset securities, managing them and facilitating their trading to provide liquidity.

    The raise comes before the anticipated launch of Securitize Markets, a marketplace designed for the trading of digital asset securities, providing a path to liquidity for the private capital markets.

    The firm also recently launched an asset management subsidiary, Securitize Capital, and two inaugural cryptocurrency yield funds.

    Pedro Teixeira, co-head, Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing – who joins the Securitize board – says: “We make long-term investments in businesses and asset classes that are ahead of the curve.

    These investors in Securitize will then join the community of over 300,000 verified investors on Securitize’s platform who have, in just four years, supported over 150 companies.

    Building upon this successful capital raise, Securitize will add Pedro Teixeira, Co-Head of Morgan Stanley Tactical Value, to its Board of Directors, where he will join Securitize co-founder and CEO Carlos Domingo, Securitize co-founder and President Jamie Finn, SPiCE VC co-founder and Managing Partner Tal Elyashiv, and Blockchain Capital co-founder and Managing Partner Brad Stephens.

    Securitize is the leader in digital asset securities, bringing together businesses seeking to raise capital with individuals and institutions seeking to invest in the private capital markets.

    They were joined by new investors including Ava Labs, IDC Ventures, Migration Capital, NTT Data and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank. The round also included strong interest from existing investors wishing to increase their investments in Securitize, with Blockchain Ventures, Borderless Capital, Global Brain, Mouro Capital, Ripio, Ripple and SPiCE VC ultimately joining.
    With this raise, Securitize is also the first blockchain company to receive major institutional funding from North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

    Of note, participants in this Series B investment round–as well as previous and existing Securitize investors–will receive their shares in the form of digital asset securities issued by Securitize’s platform.

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