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The Global Times learned previously that as the host country of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China never planned to invite US and Western politicians who have hyped the “boycott” topic to attend the Games, and experts said that their so-called boycott is nothing but self-deception.

The Biden administration has been trying hard to woo allies to join its camp to conduct a so-called joint boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, to fan up groundless human rights attacks on China.

Despite some of the most loyal US followers like the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan, the US efforts have been met with limited success, The Hill reported.

Bilateral trade hit a record annual high of more than $146 billion in 2021—up from less than $16 billion in 2003 and nearly $110 billion in 2020—with Russia serving as a major source of China’s oil, coal, natural gas, and agricultural imports. At the same time, Russia has increased imported goods, such as electronics and machinery, from China.

Russia has become an important part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a signature part being the Power of Siberia pipeline, which has granted China direct access to Russian natural gas—though Western sanctions have reduced the importance of Eurasian rail routes, which the BRI was originally built around.

To be sure, Russian-Chinese trade is far higher than Russia’s overall trade with the United States, which was around $34 billion for the same time period.

During the 60 day extension, such foreigners may exit, enter and remain in China with their original visa or residence permits.

Re-entry for short-term visas Foreigners on short-term visas may apply for re-entry where the number of entries has been exceeded. Specifically, in instances where visa-holder exits China to participate business trade, scientific research and academic activities for a short period time and returns to China, the visa holder can apply for a re-entry visa prior to departure with the exit and entry authorities.

Visa applications via entry ports Foreign investors, entrepreneurs and traders with urgent reasons to enter into China may apply for an entry visa at entry ports.
Applicants are required to submit an invitation letter from the related institution.

The announcement was made by the National Immigration Administration(NIA) on Sunday.

According to Liu Haitao, head of border inspection management division of the NIA, foreign nationals do not need to go through any procedures for the extension.

“During the epidemic control period, foreign nationals who find their visas almost expire will have their stay period automatically extended by two months,” says Liu. “Within this period, they do not have to go through procedures for the extension. They can still stay in or exit China legitimately.”

To reduce people’s mobility and cut the risk of cross-infection, the NIA also provides online services, says Liu.

“Foreign nationals in China can enjoy online application and visa delivery services just like Chinese nationals.

White House announced earlier in the month that the Biden administration would not send diplomatic or official representation to the Games, citing “human rights abuses” in China.

Zhao accused the U.S. of having directed the farce of not sending diplomatic or official representatives to the Beijing Winter Olympics even without being invited in the first place, only for the purpose of political manipulation.

“We once again urge the U.S. side to practice the Olympic spirit, stop politicizing sports, and stop any words or deeds that would disrupt the Beijing Winter Olympics,” he said.

(Cover: Ice sculptures of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics mascots in Harbin, northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province.

An adviser to China’s government said he hopes the country will gradually loosen its strict approach to battling Covid-19 after Beijing hosts the 2022 Winter Olympics, an event that could facilitate more interaction between global leaders.

Henry Wang Huiyao, an adviser to China’s State Council and founder of an influential Chinese think-tank, said closer collaboration between Washington, Beijing and the World Health Organization could help open up his country, which has largely isolated itself as it follows a “Covid Zero” approach to suppressing the virus.

Globally, infections are rising again as the world enters its third year with the virus that has killed more than 5.1 million people.

Beijing Winter Olympics even though no invitation had been extended, Zhao said at a routine press conference on Monday.

“Now with regard to the US request to send a team of government officials to China and their visa applications, the Chinese side will handle them in accordance with international customary practice, relevant regulations and the principle of reciprocity,” Zhao noted.

Once again we urge the US to follow the Olympic spirit in practice, refrain from politicizing sports and stop erroneous words and acts that disrupt or undermine the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhao remarked.??

Media reported that the US government recently submitted visa applications with 18 officials on the list to attend the Winter Games in Beijing, aiming to provide security and medical support for their athletes. Forty more officials are likely to submit applications later.

Further measures put in place to fast-track and streamline visas and residence permits

Recently, China’s National Immigration Administration announced Ten Measures to Assist the Epidemic Prevention and Control and Serve the Economy and People’s Livelihood (“Measures”). Primarily, the Measures serve to fast-track and streamline visa and residence permits to ensure exit and entry channels support the resumption of work and production.
It is important to note, the provisions are effective during the epidemic prevention and control period. Below are the main takeaway points affecting the visas and residence permits of foreigners.

Extension of visas and residence permits Two-month extensions are granted to foreigners whose visa or residence permits expire during the epidemic prevention and control period.

However, Russia’s trade with the EU totaled nearly $220 billion in 2021, roughly 1.5 times the size of Russian-Chinese trade. Russia serves as a major energy exporter to the EU, accounting for 26 percent of the European bloc’s oil imports and 40 percent of its natural gas imports.

Although many have pointed to the EU’s energy dependence as a major source of leverage and a geopolitical tool for the Kremlin, the reality is that this dependence goes both ways, with energy revenues accounting for nearly 40 percent of Russia’s budget revenues. And while Russia’s energy exports to China have been increasing, the overall volumes are much lower in absolute terms than to the EU.

Of course, Russia could decide to increase its energy exports to China at the expense of its supplies to the EU.

But that would be a costly project for Moscow.

In this instance, the specific scope of epidemic prevention and control includes medical aid, drug research and development, material supply and academic exchange.

Online application for visas and residence permits Foreigns may submit applications for visas and residence permits online or by post.

Published 1 March

In the continued effort to ease tensions during the coronavirus, the NIA provides automatic visa extensions for foreigners in China

According to China news source CCTV+, under the headline “Foreign nationals have automatic visa extension as fight against COVID-19 continues in China“, any foreign national in China whose visa is near expiry can have their stay period automatically extended by two months in light of the coronavirus epidemic.

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