Taking profits in crypto

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taking profits in crypto

GUSD is the safest coin as it comes under U.S. regulators. I don’t trust any regulators, but at least we have a good idea of the organizations and people with whom we are dealing. These are the preferred (most popular) exchanges: Okex, Okcoin, DigiFinex, and BitForex

A third stable coin that is recommended includes USDC. It is a regulated stable coin backed by the U.S. dollar. All USDC are issued by Circle Internet Financial Limited. The USDC equivalent U.S. dollar is deposited with its accredited bank partners account after that it issues the tokens for circulation. This is an ERC-20 token, and the token can be stored on a trust wallet, Ledger, BitFi or other hardware wallet.

Taking profits in crypto

The crypto market saw some resurgence between 27 July and 28 July.Bitcoin [BTC]was vital to the tremendous price uptick as the market crossed the $1.05 trillion market cap perCoinMarketCap. The market cap gained over 7% from 27 July. However, that was not where it ended.

Bitcoin also contributed its quota as the entire crypto market hit a weekly high in terms of volume. It was $93 billion at press time—a number it has not hit since the week started on 25 July.

Similarly, other altcoins were not left out.Ethereum [ETH] gained 10.50%, andPolkadot [DOT]increased by 11.48% within the same period.

Ready to rumble

Before this rise, BTC had rumbled earlier.
This same week, the price dropped from $22,000 and almost lost the $20,000support. However, the road to resurgence did not start on 28 July.

Taking profits in crypto strategy

The key feature in these services is that you can move from your crypto coins into another asset such as precious metals without first converting to cash and without using the bank wire system.

While you might wire money to open your account at Caleb & Brown, or simply transfer from one wallet to a wallet in its custody (Caleb & Brown), you will not need to wire transfer profits in cash anywhere. You can simply move from your wallet at Caleb & Brown to another wallet, for example, at an exchange in your country, and then sell for local cash. If you’re in the states, simply move from your Bitcoin wallet “in Australia” to your Bitcoin wallet access in your exchange account in the states, and then sell for cash.

There is no need for a wire transfer.

Take profits in crypto

However if the assets grows past ~300% then I sill start losing money by taking profits.

Below is the same calculations for a 50% and 80% simulated correction.

You can see that the higher the correction, the more profit taking is beneficial. At an 80% correction (not unheard of in crypto), profit taking is almost always beneficial in up to 1100% growth.


– Highly risky investment (80% potential correction): can be applicable to many small cap alt coins. In this case I expect a high risk of a large (80%) correction.

Here, I think one conclusion is that profit taking ALWAYS helps, assuming the assets corrects.

Take profit strategy in crypto

Traders Home may be one of the services I have found, but I’m still looking for more.

Consider these criteria:

1) A stable coin that is reliable and not manipulated in same pattern as exchanged coin. 2) Cash or currency outside of the banking system, such as in a vault.

3) Must be able to buy and sell using crypto-coins, or at least cash and currency

4) Avoid wire transfers of currency

My research shows that all of these solutions may require “know your customer” and anti-money laundering disclosures from signers of account holders, they also allow account holders to be businesses such as limited liability companies and limited partnerships.

Take profit cryptohopper

I don’t believe it provides vault storage services such as for precious metals, but then base metals and other commodities are not typically stored in vaults. You’ll have to gauge your own risk tolerance.


At the right time you take profits with the intention to get out temporarily and back into your crypto holdings within about 90 days, you want to move the value of your cryptos into something that is mostly if not totally out of the banking system, but something that will allow you to get back into your cryptos quickly, including stable coins, cash, precious metals in vaults that are accessible via Bitcoin. I would like to see more ways to exchange my cryptos for base metals, such as copper, in the same way there is for precious metals.

How to take profits in cryptocurrency

Other than providing you with crypto wallet services, you can also earn interest from your crypto savings. You can interest with an APR of up to 12% from YouHodler.

The benefit of this is that you do not have to sell your coins. You can always look at ways of increasing your crypto savings to boost your interest earnings.
The interest earnings are also deposited into your account every week.

Crypto Exchange

Most self-made crypto millionaires have always relied on crypto exchange to rake in massive profits. Here, you might be wondering about ways or tips on how to take profit in crypto trading. Well, if you understand the market trends, then you can make massive amounts of profit using this strategy.

One, most crypto traders always buy during the dip, that is when the prices of a given crypto coin have dropped.

Profit taking strategy in crypto

Here are the three most reliable stable coins in the crypto world.

TrueUSD (TUSD) is likely the most reliable “stable coin”. TrueUSD provides its token holders regular attestations of escrowed balances, full collateral, and also the legal protection against misappropriating underlying USD. It is regulated and independent of the exchange marketplace while backed (exchangeable) 1 to 1 with U.S.

Dollars issued by trust token. Unlike USDT, TrueUSD (TrustToken.com) does not hide anything from users. It’s bank account holding proofs is published each month. All funds equivalent to TUSD are stored in professional trust firms’ banks.

In addition, TrueUSD never touches those funds. Another good thing is that users can directly exchange TUSD with USD without even using any exchange.

Take profit crypto crew

BTC per transaction, but this can be higher upon discussion with BullionStar.


Vaultoro is another platform for purchasing Gold with Bitcoin (and vice-versa) effectively and within seconds. The beauty of the Vaultoro platform is that it gives investors the power to instantly exchange between two of the world’s most popular Alternative Assets, which can protect you against inflation and volatility. Watch these introductory videos about using Vaultoro, http://press.vaultoro.com/videos

Cash /Currency

While you can store cash (fiat) at BullionStar and Uphold, Caleb & Brown in Australia has additional solutions.

Caleb & Brown

This Australian firm provides the best of both worlds.

Take profits crypto reddit

Before you rebalance again, remove USDT from your allocations to prevent Shrimpy from buying more. If you don’t remove the allocation, Shrimpy will buy more USDT since we blacklisted 25% of our portfolio in USDT but also allocated 20% for profit taking. Shrimpy treats that 25% as not part of your portfolio, so it will continue to buy until you own 25% + 20% USDT.


Taking profit is a simple process for Shrimpy users. Instead of manually executing trades on the exchange to perfectly allocate your portfolio and take profit, Shrimpy can quickly adjust portfolio allocations to take profit and then swiftly go back to executing your strategy. No struggle, no problem. Enjoy life while you let Shrimpy manage your portfolio.

About Shrimpy

Shrimpy is an automated crypto trading & portfolio management tool that lets users automate their strategy.

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