Telegram leaked project data

Israeli-based NSO Group is being blasted in a groundbreaking report that alleges that the company’s controversial Pegasus malware is being used to target activists, journalists, business executives and politicians on a widespread level, using a variety of exploits — including a zero-click zero-day in iOS.

A consortium of journalists leveled the allegations in a report called Pegasus Project, which was published Sunday. It examined leaked data from the NSO Group, which revealed a cache of more than 50,000 mobile phone numbers worldwide that the firm was storing, according to the report published by the Guardian newspaper.

The report accuses NSO Group of selling its spy tool, Pegasus, to unidentified third-parties, including governments, who then use it to infect the phones of dissidents and other people who may be critical of a given regime.

The crypto social community has been brewing in rumours the past day regarding a possible Telegram leak that would expose a lot of projects’ and crypto influencers’ dealings.

It all started when an anonymous Twitter account with the handle @adyingnobody (A Dying Nobody) made a Twitter thread about a Telegram leak he had discovered that allowed him to view private conversation of Telegram users even without invitation to be part of the groups where the conversations were taking place.

The data supposedly collected from October 2019 and until now includes 137.7 GB of telegram messages and chats from influencers, project teams, VCs discussions about a variety of topics including crypto scams, pump & dump schemes, market manipulations, orgies, sexual crimes, assassinations and whatever someone can think of.

Telegram leaked project data

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  • Telegram leaked project data-

    The Pegasus Project is careful to point out that the list of phone numbers does not indicate that all of those phones were targeted with an attack.

    “The presence of a phone number in the data does not reveal whether a device was infected with Pegasus or subject to an attempted hack. However, the consortium believes the data is indicative of the potential targets [that] NSO’s government clients identified in advance of possible surveillance attempts,” according to the report.

    Reporters worked with researchers at Amnesty’s Security Lab to examine 67 phones believed to be targeted with the Pegasus malware.
    It found that more than half (37) had “traces of Pegasus activity” on them.

    Telegram leaked project data1

    A few days after being shared on Telegram, the URLs were deactivated, and the content was no longer accessible.

    Our team even discovered ‘phishing kits’ being shared between people targeting financial institutions for fraud among the files on the data dump. These illegal phishing kits exposed the person’s name behind the scam and how they planned to target institutions in a criminal scheme.

    Cayman National Bank and Trust (Isle of Man)

    From: Originally leaked in 2019; appeared on Telegram again in 2021

    In 2019, hacktivist Phineas Fisher released the ‘Sherword’ data dump containing a client list of an off-shore bank based in the Cayman Islands and Isle of Man (along with other destinations).

    The data breach was shared again more recently on Telegram.

    Telegram leaked project database

    Their encryption is ‘homemade’ by the founders, and it’s been widely criticized by experts. The company claims to be open-source, which is an exaggeration at best. The most crucial part of its system – the servers – remain a closed black-box.

    And finally, Telegram doesn’t disclose what data it collects from users, how it’s used, or who they share it with. Their promised “transparency report” remains empty to this day despite numerous data requests from various governments.

    These are just some of the many red flags surrounding the company.

    For both criminal and ethical hackers, the illusion of pseudo-anonymity on Telegram could backfire incredibly if the company ever decided to exploit its access to their data, identity, and activity.

    Or if there was another data breach on the app itself.

    In contrast, Telegram has shown much greater enthusiasm in shutting down problematic groups in other areas, such as piracy. The company consistently closes any groups or channels sharing copyrighted material amongst users.

    Thus, it appears that when they feel liable for legal action due to activity on the app, Telegram’s owners are happy to step in – and they keep a close eye on activity happening on the app.

    Telegram is Not as Private as it Claims

    Despite its growing popularity as a privacy-focused communications app, most of Telegram’s claims for high privacy standards are misleading.

    Telegram is incredibly secretive and operates with zero transparency. Two Russian brothers started the company, spent years moving around in different cities, before settling in Dubai.

    This could inadvertently destroy the reputation of many people and projects in the community.

    According to the poster, the data will be released in three incremental chunks. The first batch, on June 15th will include messages of Crypto influencers with hundreds to millions of followers talking about ways to scam the community and project rug pulls.

    The second batch will be released on June 30th and will include discussions of members from some of the Top 200 in Marketcap crypto projects.

    The third batch will be released on July 7th and will include a full dump of the available leaked data.

    The whistleblower claims that it will give access to journalists after they are vetted for conflict of interest.

    There are two plays here:

    First, the exploit and data dump is real, which will be the hottest topic of this bear market.

    Size: 800 MB


    Data from 100,000s of US citizens, including information about online gambling activity and purchases made on the website’s store.

    The exposed data included:

    • Usernames
    • Passwords
    • Full names
    • Email addresses
    • Home and business addresses


    From: Appeared on Telegram on April 10th, 2021


    4Shared is a file-sharing website in which users can send one another a link to download media files.

    A hacker was able to obtain a list of 3.5 million files uploaded to 4Shared.

    These included pirated movies, music, books, along with personal items like photos and videos.

    There were also links to 4Shared user profiles.

    According to Ganot, customers include some of the wealthiest people in the world.

    Ganot told us that the hackers likely spoofed the short message service center (SMSC) of a mobile network operator (unidentified at the time of writing) to send an update location request for the targeted phone numbers to Partner (other providers may still be vulnerable to this type of attack).

    The update request essentially asked Partner to send to the fake MSC all the voice calls and SMS messages intended for the victims.

    Ganot says that the attackers had good knowledge about their victims’ various accounts and leaked passwords.

    • Names
    • Email
    • Home addresses,
    • Payment records
    • cleartext Account passwords for memberships and online stores
    • IP addresses
    • Timestamps for activity on sites

    The following are samples of user and customer data from Effex Media websites and their affiliates.

    PII data from a member of an Effex Media website.

    Users canceling membership on Effex Media website.

    PII from Effex Media affiliate website

    Implications and Impact

    The fact that so many hackers and cybercriminals (not to mention would-be ‘fans’ of cybercrime) have adopted Telegram is a serious escalation in the ongoing surge of cybercrime.

    Those involved in illegal hacking, online fraud, and other criminal activities have clearly gotten used to almost zero accountability.

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