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  • NFTs have been booming over the past year. People are willing to pay millions of dollars just to prove that they “own” a digital item that was worthless before.

    These digital entries, stored on a blockchain, allow the buyers to prove that they are legitimate owners. While it’s different from a copyright, NFTs owners are rightsholders in a sense.

    The NFT Bay

    However, that doesn’t mean that other people can’t copy the associated files, which are often widely available. This is made pretty clear by The NFT Bay, which launched just a few hours ago.

    The site, which is clearly inspired by The Pirate Bay, shares a torrent with “pirated” versions of NFTs.

    “The Billion Dollar Torrent,” as it’s called, reportedly includes all the NFTs on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

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  • The NFT Bay claims to have “all NFTs from Ethereum and Solana” – two different cryptocurrency networks – in a 17 terabyte (TB) file.

    Artists can use NFTs to produce one-of-a-kind digital creations in whatever form they can imagine and sell them directly to fans and collectors via Blockchain. However, right-clicking each NFT file to download it might be a time-consuming operation. As a result, Huntley came up with the idea to create a website that allows users to download a whole blockchain’s worth of NFTs.
    It’s called the NFT Bay, and it’s a near-identical replica of The Pirate Bay. Huntley’s site, according to many, might spark a lively debate about what it means to claim ownership of something on the Internet.

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  • These files are bundled in a massive torrent that points to roughly 15 terabytes of data. Unpacked, this adds up to almost 20 terabytes.

    Australian developer Geoff is the brains behind the platform, which he describes as an art project. Speaking with TorrentFreak, he says that The Pirate Bay was used as inspiration for nostalgic reasons, which needs further explanation.

    Too Much for PRQ

    The NFT Bay itself lists a few examples of “pirated” NFT images but these uploads point to the same massive torrent file.

    Downloading the torrent can be a challenge as it requires quite a bit of disk space.

    “For authenticity I was going to host at PRQ but unfortunately they don’t offer servers with enough disk space,” Geoff notes.

    This comment may not mean much to the general public. However, veteran followers of file-sharing news will recognize PRQ as the former hosting partner of The Pirate Bay, launched by the site’s founders Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij.

    The developer eventually hosted the torrented NFT archive elsewhere. And despite the massive size and the attention it’s getting, both the site and seedbox are running smoothly.

    “The seedbox hosting the torrent has 4 x 10TB SATA drives configured in RAID0 and the website is humming along just fine even though the website is going insanely viral,” Geoff says.

    Wake-Up Call

    The NFT Bay is not just any random art project.

    A website established by an Australian artist and programmer claims to allow users to download “every NFT” on the Ethereum blockchain in one go.

    In the cryptocurrency industry, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the latest trend. NFTs are digital tokens that supporters claim may be used to establish ownership of digital assets, such as artwork. Even though anybody may see the associated artwork, several have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Taking advantage of the current fad, an Australian software developer has built “The NFT Bay,” an online archive of NFTs. The creator of the NFT Bay “piracy” website, Geoffrey Huntley, stated that he wanted to show customers what they were buying.

    Mr. Huntley’s website is modeled after the Pirate Bay, a well-known software and movie pirate website, according to the tech news site Motherboard.

    WTF? We destroyed our planet for THIS?!’”

    The bold message speaks to “right-clickers”—people part of an anti-NFT subculture that mocks NFT buyers by saving the JPEGs without paying for them.

    Viewing the current NFT push as nothing more than a grift, Huntley said he hopes the website could educate more people about what they were essentially purchasing, which “is nothing more than directions on how to access or download an image.”

    “The image is not stored on the blockchain and the majority of images I’ve seen are hosted on web 2.0 storage which is likely to end up as 404, meaning the NFT has even less value,” he remarked, saying that he felt the future for NFTs didn’t need to be tied to the blockchain at all.

    “The utility (and value) of NFT’s will be created through social media platforms.

    ETH. With the current burn rate at around 12,000 coins per day, the network will see the millionth coin being burned in the next 4-5 days.

    Shiba Inu can now be traded against euro on Bitpanda

    Yesterday, Peter Thiel’s Bitpanda announced that it added a euro trading pair for the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. The pair was promised to become fully available for trading today, on Nov. 19. Initially, Bitpanda added support for the SHIB token in early October, which came before the cryptocurrency’s eye-popping rally that took place last month.

    This week, Shiba Inu has also been integrated by keyless cryptocurrency wallet ZenGo and payment processor CoinGate.

    Shiba Inu dominance reaches 21% among whale-tier holders

    According to Whalestats, despite Shiba Inu’s poor market performance, large investors are still interested in purchasing some tokens for their portfolios.

    U.Today has prepared the top four news stories over the past day.

    Australian man “pirated” all NFTs on Ethereum and Solana

    Yesterday, Twitter users were shaken by a post from a software developer from Australia, who appeared to right-click all NFTs minted on Ethereum and Solana. Geoffrey Huntley, the man behind this mind-blowing stunt, created a 17.96 terabyte torrent website called The NFT Bay, where one can find a gigantic collection of NFT screenshots. Huntley calls his work an “art project,” adding that it is meant for others to study “this generation’s tulip mania.”

    Ethereum Network to hit 1 million burned coins in the next few days

    The burning mechanism that takes a large portion of ETH coins out of circulation is one of the main things fueling Ethereum’s bullrun.

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