Token price illustrates challenge playtoearn

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token price illustrates challenge playtoearn

Last week we introduced you to, a free-to-play, browser-based FPS game running on Solana. Since then, we partnered up with the team to get our community whitelist tokens for their upcoming NFT mint coming May 11th. Here is how to join the challenge!

Starting today at 1 pm EST, you can access play via our special link and earn whitelist tokens for their upcoming NFT mint. To get your whitelist spot, you will need to play the game and find the tokens that will be spawning in the maps. 10 legendary and 100 epic tokens will be up for grabs for the players. Legendary tokens will drop in Team Deathmatch mode and epic tokens in Deathmatch.

Epic tokens will spawn in the maps as tokens and you will just need to grab them. Getting an epic token will be a bit more difficult. A boss will appear and you will need to kill it to get the token. If multiple players deal damage to the boss, the player who dealt the more damage will get the token.

The whitelist tokens allow you to mint NFTs on May 11th at Later, you will be able to equip your NFT skins and start earning SOL just by playing! The NFT mint price for whitelist token holders will be 0.6 SOL for the epics and 1 SOL for the legendaries. During the public sale, the same NFTs will be sold for 1.5 SOL! Holding a whitelist token will guarantee you the mint of the NFT during the whitelist sale period.

So get yourself ready, and show your FPS skills in To join the challenge, simply click this link, connect your Phantom or Fractal wallet and start playing!

UPDATE: All tokens have been found, great job guys! You can keep playing and practice for the Fractal Tournament (details below)

Join the Fractal tournament on May 7 and 8

For the hardcore FPS players reading this, is also organizing a tournament in partnership with Fractal on May 7 and 8. The entry is free and there is a $10,000 prize pool. The tournament will be a 3v3 team deathmatch challenge. You can already register here and if you need to find teammates, head over to the Fractal Discord server.

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