Where to buy alt coins

where to buy alt coins

LocalBitcoins is a technically unsound platform that can be no longer recommended.

  • Accepts Most of the world (wire, cash, venmo etc)
  • Altcoins ETH, LTC and BTC
  • Experience★★★★☆

Why are LocalCryptos better

LocalCryptos is a zero-knowledge dApp to which you sign up directly through your MetaMask or other crypto wallet.

You own the private keys of your crypto. The platform will never have a reason to ask you for KYC, since they don’t work with your crypto at all. You are always the sole owner of your cryptocurrency, even if you store it inside the LocalCryptos app.

The vendor you are buying cryptocurrency from might ask for your documents to lower the risk of fraud.

Where to buy alt coins

Bitfinex is far more suitable for active trading than for plain buying.


  • Accepts US
  • Banks in US
  • Altcoins A few
  • Experience★★★★★

More active traders will find the trading interface of FTX and the products are probably the only serious competition to Bitfinex – and as it happens the former public face of Bitfinex now works for FTX.

For people who are not into active trading and are not even curious, FTX will be an overkill compared to straightforward exchanges like Independent Reserve or Coinbase that are geared towards buy-and-hold.


FTX exchange is getting quickly known for its derivatives platform, FTX.com.

Altcoins to buy

A step-by-step tutorial on how to buy any altcoin

Cryptocurrencies offer a wealth of ways to get involved in the market. At the time of writing, there are over 6,000 cryptocurrencies traded over 250 exchanges worldwide. New cryptocurrencies sprout every day as weaker cryptos lose favor and retire.

The market is exploding. More and more investors, businesses, governments, and consumers are committing to the crypto gold rush.

As of September, BTC held over 70% of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. BTC is hugely popular, but it isn’t the only way to make money. Alternative coins, or ‘altcoins’ for short, are still a diverse and active part of the cryptocurrency market.

Getting Started with Altcoins

There are a ton of altcoins.
These days, any tech-savvy programmer can whip up a white paper and an altcoin. Altcoins come in a staggering variety of flavors.

Where to buy alt coins reddit

The active trader will probably not like the fact that the international FTX branch runs derivative markets, tokenized stock trading, staking, defi and other products that in the US are not meant for retail investors.

The US branch of FTX is just a plain crypto spot market, listing coins that are not exactly hot anymore and not offering any interesting products.

FTX.us 5% Fee Discount FTX.com 5% Fee Discount

Use code atnet at either FTX platform for 5% fee discount


  • Accepts EU, US and most of the world (SEPA, wire)
  • Banks in EU (Slovenia)
  • Altcoins Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin (large-cap only)
  • Experience★★★★☆


Bitstamp is a reliable exchange.

If you bank in the EU, you will be using the SEPA payment to send fiat in or out.

Where to buy alt coins canada

Staking an altcoin on an exchange will typically give you yearly yield of around 6-8%.

Staking yields are not as outsized as with DeFi but there is less risk involved. Some exchanges offer as an optional product to cover your crypto with insurance.

  • Bitfinex automatically stakes PoS coins in exchange wallets
  • FTX.com lets you stake if you are not American.

If you plan to buy for 6 digit amounts and more, especially of a new altcoin, go to an OTC desk.

  • Independent Reserve has OTC desk for USD, SGD, AUD and NZD markets.
  • Bitfinex and FTX have OTC market.

How to Buy Altcoins as a US resident

As most of us know, US traders are not welcome on most crypto exchanges. Bitfinex stopped servicing verified US residents in November 2017.

Where to buy alt coins uk

Find the best exchange to trade Tezos (XTZ).

Choose your payment method

Find the best Tezos Price

The best Tezos price is determined by the current exchannge rate of different exchanges.

Below you see the cheapest exchange rate to buy Tezos.

Where and how to buy Tezos – Guide

– FAQ: Infos on buying, storing and Tezos in general –

💡What is Tezos (XTZ)?

Tezos is a fully decentralized blockchain. The network is open-source and supports peer-to-peer transactions and the deployment of smart contracts.

For securing the blockchain and validating transactions the Tezos uses a liquid proof-of-stake model (LPoS). This model is more efficient than the hardware and electricity intense mining of e.g.

Where to buy alt coins australia

Another advantage of using wallet built-ins is the fact that many altcoin wallets will now let you stake your PoS altcoins directly from there.

  • Exodus wallet is one such wallet that has exchange, has staking AND is completely free. Exchange fees are a bit higher but for small one-off transactions it doesn’t amount to much.
  • Ledger wallets now also come with a built-in exchange and staking app within their Ledger Live suite.
  • MyEtherWallet offers a built-in swap for Ethereum-based tokens.

Buy-And-Hold, Larger Amounts: Exchanges with Staking

For larger transactions the fee will start to matter, which is why you will want to take your money to an actual trading exchange.

Other than the fee you might want to look at exchanges that can stake your exchange wallet contents for you.

Where to buy alt coins in us

Where to buy altcoins is a question that people have in order to maximize their gains. If you’re looking to acquire or offer cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to utilize an exchange. These on the internet services typically work likewise to a financier, providing you the devices to buy and sell digital currencies like BTC, ethereum, and also dogecoin.

The best exchanges make it very easy to buy and sell the currencies you desire with reduced costs as well as strong safety and security functions.

When selecting the very best platform for your demands, it is essential to consider supported currencies, rates, withdrawal options, and also safety and security which is where we concentrated when choosing this list of the most effective exchanges.

You need an account with a cryptocurrency platform to begin.

Where to buy crypto coins

Some exchanges let you trade altcoin-bitcoin pairs, suggesting you can buy and sell them using BTC. Trading these coins against bitcoin is a terrific option if you wish to track your profile’s efficiency versus the king of crypto

Coinbase is amongst the most preferred as well as well-known platforms in the world. Countless customers utilize it, and also it’s backed by distinguished as well as trusted financiers globally.

Actually, Coinbase is amongst the very first systems of where to buy altcoins.
It was founded in 2012, and it’s based in San Francisco.

Coinbase allows individuals to deposit and also take out funds quite quickly.

Where to buy crypto coins online

It offers competitive costs, purchasing alternatives, and also progressed trading attributes.

In addition, Coinbase provides excellent sophisticated security, it’s user-friendly, has excellent credibility, and also the Coinbase insurance policy makes sure all its stored electronic money.

eToro is a wonderful option if you intend to actively include yourself in these types. eToro has a unique social media system on its exchange and also permits users to connect trading concepts to every other.

eToro is a terrific area for novices to learn about this type of digital currency since it has this built-in system. Several beginners discover eToro’s straightforward interface easy to discover.

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