Why is yearn finance so high

why is yearn finance so high

The YFI Token

Yearn.finance has a native token powering its protocols — YFI. The primary use of this coin is governance. In other words, YFI holders can decide the protocol’s future. In addition, they also earn a share of the fees yearn.finance collects from transactions. This rewards system creates an incentive for users to obtain and hold onto their YFI coins.

Where to Buy YFI

You can get your hands on this hot new token on some crypto exchanges. Our best recommendation is a broker such as eToro because of the higher versatility of its services. It allows you to buy or sell YFI and also to invest in different asset types. For example, you can trade yearn.finance and invest in stocks from the same account.

Moreover, eToro is quite beginner-friendly.

Why is yearn finance so high

What if we told you there was a cryptocurrency more valuable than Bitcoin? No, we’re not pulling your leg! This yearn.finance price prediction will introduce you to a token that’s seen astronomical growth and surpassed milestones even Bitcoin hasn’t.

The crypto coin in question is none other than YFI. Yearn.finance began its journey at levels other, older tokens haven’t seen yet: it climbed from $30 to $30,000 in just two months! It’s part of an elite club of very few crypto assets that went through a price jump of over 100,000%.
But unlike the competition, YFI pulled it off in just a couple of months.

In fact, with an ATH of almost $83,000, yearn.finance has reached higher peaks than even the queen of cryptocurrencies, BTC.

Why is yearn finance so expensive

Its official website defines it as a decentralized platform that “automates yield-maximizing profit switching opportunities for liquidity providers and yield farmers.” It utilizes decentralized finance protocols such as Compound, Aave, and others for optimizing token lending.

As yEarn is getting mature and popular worldwide, it has grown its complete ecosystem that aims to maximize annual percentage yields, also known as APY for its prestigious users.

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Working Mechanism of yTokens

yEarn holds a unique place in the crypto world and is recognized as one of the most decentralized projects.

Why is yearn finance so expensive reddit

Other flash loan victims include Lendf.me ($25 million in losses), Balancer ($490,000 ), Eminence.Finance ($15 million), Harvest Finance ($24 million), Value Defi ($7.4million), etc.

Circling back to the exploit at hand, Yean Finance’s governance token has had difficulty keeping up with the market’s bullishness. In fact, Yearn Finance price has seen a mere 50% surge in 2021, while other Defi coins have more than tripled within the same period.

YFI price walks on eggshells

Yearn Finance price shows signs of weakness as it continues making a series of lower since it peaked in mid-January at $40,400.

The recent exploit generated panic among market participants who rushed to exchanges to sell YFI.
The spike in downward pressure pushed Yearn Finance price down to retest a critical support level at $30,160.

Why yearn finance so high today

Then, he returned with a surprise: Cronje revealed he and his team are working on new, regulated crypto projects.

We don’t know much yet, but Cronje seems to be focused on the next thing he develops rather than changing yearn.finance at present. Nevertheless, this isn’t bad news for the protocol. After all, yearn.finance is governed by the community of YFI holders, so what Cronje does hardly matters.

In other recent news, yearn.finance also expressed its support for the new ERC-4626 standard.
ERC-4626 is a new framework for yield-bearing cryptocurrencies that has been gaining traction lately. If it gets adopted as the new standard for several such tokens, ERC-4626 can make their networks more secure and improve their collaborations.

YFI Price History: Impressive Journey So Far

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, yearn.finance didn’t launch at a low price.

Why did yearn finance go so high

Each YFI token acts as a vote on the network, so a user who holds a significant number of them could have a significant say in the way the network is run.

Typically, project founders want to retain some control of their project, and so hold on to a large number of these tokens. As Cronje opted not to do so, he made a strong statement about what he wants Yearn.Finance to be.
This has been picked up by users and the project released a Manifesto that emphasizes the importance of keeping the project decentralized.

Theoretically, a decentralized project will have more chance of succeeding in the long term as it won’t fall victim to the groupthink, or self-serving, problems that many centralized companies face.

Instead, yearn.finance offers alternative opportunities to profit from the crypto market.

The best way to describe yearn.finance is as a collection of protocols that run on Ethereum. These protocols are APY, Earn, Vaults, and Zap, each offering a different service.

APY is purely informative, showing interest rates across different networks and protocols.

You can think of it as a profit calculator, a tool to use before deciding how to invest your crypto tokens.

Zap is an exchange service that allows you to take a shortcut to minimise fees. Essentially, it cuts down crypto trades that might typically need multiple operations and combines them in just one transaction.

Earn and Vaults are the true money-makers.

These two protocols permit users to invest their crypto coins and earn interest on them.

Why is yearn finance so high-ball

A failure to repay the loan within the same transaction results in a rollback.

In Yearn Finance’s exploit, the attacker used flash loans from dYdX, Aave v2, and other DeFi platforms to drain the v1 yDai pool via the 3crv Curve vault. The attacker had more 3crv tokens every time the 3crv Curve vault was used.

The extra tokens were then swapped to other cryptocurrencies to repay the loan.

While Yearn Finance isn’t the first DeFi platform to be exploited, it certainly will not be the last.

One of the first victims to fall prey to flash loans was the bZx platform on February 14, 2020. The platform suffered $350,000 in losses from this exploit.

Four days after the first attack, bZx would face another hack that resulted in losses worth $650,000.

Why is yearn finance so high-lite

These are ‘Earn,’ ‘Zap,’ ‘APR,’ and ‘Vaults.’

‘Earn’ allows users to connect a wallet and find out the best returns. ‘Zap’ allows access to the stablecoin lending facilities through Curve Finance.

APR helps in cross-reference interest rates(as already discussed). ‘Vaults’ optimize pool liquidity by depositing digital assets that will be managed in the most efficient system.

A Sudden Jump to YFI

According to Buy Shares, on September 8, it was reported that its token market capitalization hit $690.1 million at the beginning of this week, indicating a high jump of 435% in a single month. Statistics have been identified, showing that the price of the YFI token was 127 percent higher than the price of Bitcoin.

In comparison to Bitcoin, whose price was $10,130.73, the market price for Yearn reached $23,031.37.

Why is yearn finance so high-lub

He hinted acollaboration between himself and Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX and Alameda Research. FTX is one of the biggest derivatives exchanges in the cryptocurrency sector while Alameda Research is a cryptocurrency trading firm and OTC desk.

Andre further confirmed this potential collaboration by saying “Guess the cat is out of the bag,” but told the public that it will not be something coming out soon, so as to keep the expectations under control.

The combination of a uniquely low supply model, its transparent launch, and a consistent active developer ultimately led to the evolution of Yearn.Finance into one of the largest DeFi protocols spanning numerous metrics.

According to data gotten from DefiPulse, Yearn.Finance protocol is responsible for more than $790 million in total value.

When a user deposits tokens, they are converted to yTokens such as yUSDC, yUSDT, and yDAI. What happens is when a user deposits their funds, the smart contract checks the APR, which operates similar to oracle but not identical; the major difference is that Oracle checks off-chain while here, you can consider everything as on-chain.

When user deposits, yEarns allow users to earn lending fees and the trading fees off of Curve both.

Let’s understand this differently. Consider there is a USDC pool. So when he deposits USDC tokens, the smart contract asks the APR Oracle where the highest APR is, and if it reports that it’s Aave, for example, it transfers such tokens to Aave, which helps him to earn Aave interest.


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