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Hi Gang Brand new here – just joined. always nice to have a place to do fixes yourself Anyway here is my issue I have a TroyBuilt Bronco riding mower It has the 18.5 hp engine

I was cutting grass yesterday and noticed it started losing power. So today here is what I had gone threw to try and fix it. I put in new oil; cleaned plug; took off and cleaned out carb (it was already clean I noticed when I removed it) Disassembled everything from the gas tank to the place where carb mounts onto motor. Put in new gas, checked lines for leaks.

Engine will start but not rev up. It does not smoke, skip, or anything like that – just seems to get revved up to about 1/2 speed, and won’t rev no higher. When I put the throttle on high it seems just about 1/2 speed, and as I decrease the speed on the throttle the motor revs stays the same until I get to about 1/2 speed, then it decreases and as I lower it some more; then it will just dies. Never smokes, coughs, or sputters.

I have NO clue what is causing this, and like I said it ran fine while cutting the grass yesterday until I was just almost done. So this came up all of a sudden. Had never gave any indications of problems before, and I have used the mower off and on all winter.

SO what kind of ideas can you folks throw out that I might fix it easily. I am guessing it won’t be anything ‘major’ it’s just trying to figure out where to start.

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